As far as hockey is concerned today, the mention of T.O. has nothing to do with a certain Dallas Cowboys wide received.  Instead, it references Toronto – the city where NHL GMs are meeting to discuss a variety of topics.  While they will discuss on-ice topics, the most intertesting topics will be off-ice – as in behind closed doors – as GMs attempt to set into motion the wheels on some deals.

You can bet Glen Sather will be looking to slim down his payroll while unclogging the logjam on his blue line.  Darius Kasparaitis probably can be had for a song and a dance and Marek Malik might not be far behind him.

There is just one problem.  Most teams are looking to add offense, not defense.  Teams that would be concentrating on defense are looking to upgrade in goal – not among their blueliners.  Even if a team were looking for defensive help, Darius and Marek are high-end items in terms of salary.  The Rangers would have to take salary back or look to make a deal like the Devils who had to trade away a conditional first round draft pick in order to pawn Vladimir Malakhov off on the San Jose Sharks.

The Rangers could look to move Kevin Weekes and his nearly $2 million salary, but that is a lot of money to pay for a goalie who might not be an upgrade for an NHL team.

Odds are the Rangers will stay the course and wait until the trade deadline before making any major moves – barring any major injuries.

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