Much has been made about the NHL’s unbalanced schedule.  The GMs meetings in Toronto were dominated by discussion and debate over what to do with the the schedule.  Many talk about the divisional rivalries while others pine over missing the opportunities to see stars from the opposite conference.  I believe I have a solution – or the very least – a compromise.

Currently, each team plays 32 games within its own division (8 games against the other 4 teams in the division), 40 games with each team within its own conference (4 games against the other 10 teams in the conference) and 10 games with teams in the opposing conference.

My plan calls for keeping the 32 division games – thus satisfying those who crave divisional rivalries.  My plan reduces the number of intra-conference games to 30 (3 games per conference rival).  Teams would then play a home-and-home series with one division from the opposite conference (5 teams equals 10 games).  Then you would play 1 game against the 10 remaining teams in the other conference.

For example, under my plan, the Rangers would play a home-and-home series with a Western Conference team every three years instead of merely playing every Western Conference team every three years.

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