As some of you might know, I am one of those draftniks that enjoys pouring over scouting reports. Hey, it beats working.  Anyway, I just got my hands on the 2007 NHL Draft Media Guide and I can’t wait to delve into it. A quick perusal of the Guide reminded me that 2007 is the 30th anniversary of the New York Rangers passing over Mike Bossy, not once but twice. The Rangers selected Lucien DeBlois with the 8th overall pick and Ron Duguay with the 13th overall pick. Bossy went two selections later to the New York Islanders and the rest is history.

At that time, the “knocks” on Bossy were that he didn’t play any defense and he was not a physical player. Considering some of the Rangers past draft mistakes (e.g. Jim Malone who never played a single NHL game), Bossy would have fit right in with the Blueshirts if that scouting report were his lasting legacy. What they forgot to add was that Bossy was a natural born sniper – something the Rangers have never seemed to draft.

While DeBlois and Duguay both had pretty good careers, one has to wonder how the fortunes of the Rangers and Islanders would have turned had the Rangers selected Bossy with one of those two draft picks. Would 1940 been erased a decade or so earlier? Would Ranger fans be chanting “Nineteen Never” if Bossy wore red, white and blue? These are just a couple of the many questions that arise whenever I look back at past Ranger drafts and wonder what might have been.

In the weeks leading up to my Rangers Draft Preview and NHL Mock Draft, I hope to take a look at some of the past Ranger drafts and pass along other Draft tidbits that I uncover.

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