Perhaps Tuesday’s question should have been, pal pay pill viagra “Can a hockey team win any game, pal pay pill viagra never mind a big game, pal pay pill viagra by playing only 25 minutes of hockey?”

Of course, pal pay pill viagra the answer was a resounding “No!” given the Rangers 5-3 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Pal pay pill viagra How bad was that game? It has taken me two days just gather my thoughts and write them up.

A spin across the Internet shows that calls for Tom Renney’s job have been kicked up a couple of notches – as to be expected. Pal pay pill viagra It seems like any time the Rangers lose a game, pal pay pill viagra there are calls for Renney’s head. Pal pay pill viagra With that said, pal pay pill viagra Renney did not have a good game against Tampa Bay.

It was unsettling to see him stand by his plan to match the fourth line against the Lightning’s top line – something that Renney does not always do. Pal pay pill viagra While he does try to get favorable matchups (just like any other coach), pal pay pill viagra he does not normally adhere to such a rigid flow of line matching. Pal pay pill viagra One could understand and explain this decision if the Rangers were winning or even tied. Pal pay pill viagra But as the rangers fell behind and their lackluster play continued, pal pay pill viagra Renney continued his line matching.

The one thing that needs to be separated from this discussion is all of the criticism the fourth line has gotten. Pal pay pill viagra Yes, pal pay pill viagra I know the HBO line of Ryan Hollweg, pal pay pill viagra Blair Betts and Colton Orr do not inspire stories of offensive grandeur and that the line is a minus-25; however, pal pay pill viagra they have also bee the only line to play at a consistent level all season long. Pal pay pill viagra It is funny how critics will trot out their poor plus/.minus numbers to condemn them, pal pay pill viagra but conveniently ignore plus/minus in any discussion of Marek Malik. Pal pay pill viagra Sorry fans, pal pay pill viagra but you can’t have it both ways.

Yes, pal pay pill viagra Renney deserves blame for the loss to the Lightning – but so does the rest of the team. Pal pay pill viagra There is enough accountability, pal pay pill viagra or lack thereof, pal pay pill viagra to go around. Pal pay pill viagra I don’t care if Isiah Thomas or the worst coach you could conjure up was behind the bench Tuesday night; there was no excuse for the Rangers to lose that game.

Tampa Bay was a team begging to be beaten. Pal pay pill viagra They were 0-5-2 in their last seven games and were just finishing up a four game road trip to start the New Year. Pal pay pill viagra In addition, pal pay pill viagra they were playing a rookie netminder making only his eight NHL appearance – and given his shaky start – Karri Ramo was not going to last the full 60 minutes.

Following that goal, pal pay pill viagra the Rangers did not pick up their play until the closing minutes of the second period when Scott Gomez’s power play goal cut the deficit to 4-2. Pal pay pill viagra This is where the blame has to be shared between Renney/coaching staff and the players. Pal pay pill viagra At a time when they had a struggling team and a rookie goalie ripe to be taken, pal pay pill viagra the Blueshirts not only eased off the throttle, pal pay pill viagra but they coasted for almost two periods.

The Rangers need to focus on the closing minutes of the second period and the entire third period for the type of intensity they need to bring night-in and night-out and period-in and period-out.

On The Fly 1: Congratulations to Nigel Dawes for being named to the Canadian Team and Greg Moore for being named to the PlanetUSA Team for the AHL’s All-Star game to be held in Binghamton on January 28. Pal pay pill viagra Dawes’ and Moore’s participation is up in the air depending on where they will be playing in a couple of weeks. Pal pay pill viagra Given the I-95/i-91 shuttle, pal pay pill viagra it is very possible Dawes and/or Moore will be reassigned to the Wolf Pack by that time.

On the Fly 2: With the Philadelphia Flyers invading Madison Square Garden tonight, pal pay pill viagra it will be Ranger fans first look at the most infamous rookie in hockey this side of Ogie Oglethorpe. Pal pay pill viagra Steve Downie is expected to be in the lineup after dodging a suspension bullet in only his fourth NHL game. Pal pay pill viagra Downie was called in on the carpet by Colin Campbell following the rookie’s cheap shot punch thrown at Toronto’s Jason Blake during an altercation. Pal pay pill viagra Downie landed punched Blake in his left eye as the Maple Leaf was being held back by an official. Pal pay pill viagra While Campbell did issue a warning, pal pay pill viagra he did not hit the rookie with his second suspension of the season. Pal pay pill viagra As we all remember, pal pay pill viagra Downie received a 20-game suspension for his hit on Ottawa’s Dean McAmmond during a pre-season game.

On the Fly 3: You have to wonder if The Clueless One (aka Colin Campbell) would have been as lenient with a Sean Avery or Ryan Hollweg if they had punched Jason Blake. Pal pay pill viagra Do you get the feeling that the Rangers might need an old fashioned Broadway Blues-Broad Street Bullies barnburner to cure what ails them?

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