Homemade viagra I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, homemade viagra but then again, homemade viagra the Romans didn’t have the Carolina Hurricanes and Pittsburgh Penguins bird dogging them for a playoff spot as they tried to avoid a Mets-like collapse to their season.

Homemade viagra Granted, homemade viagra the Rangers did some positive things under new head coach John Tortorella. Homemade viagra They should flashes of the attacking style that Torts wants to bring to New York. Homemade viagra The power play connected as Wade Redden scored his first goal since New York was a prairie. Homemade viagra In the biggest departure from Tom Renney, homemade viagra Tortorella showed a willingness to ride his hot hands.

Homemade viagra However, homemade viagra the Rangers first game under their new coach was a continuation of the cliché “the more things change, homemade viagra the more they stay the same.” The Blueshirts continue to find ways to not play 60 minutes of hockey.

Homemade viagra Tortorella believed that his team’s inability to finish off with a strong third period from the team’s lack of conditioning. Homemade viagra In actuality, homemade viagra it is just a continuation of the Rangers being unable to finish teams off because of their ineffective offense and their peashooter power play. Homemade viagra Let’s face it, homemade viagra if the Rangers held their sticks any tighter they would be left with a glove full of sawdust.

Homemade viagra A couple of times the Rangers had Vesa Toskala scrambling for loose pucks in the crease, homemade viagra yet the Rangers were unable to bury these chances. Homemade viagra During the first months or so of the season, homemade viagra the Rangers found a way to score. Homemade viagra Now, homemade viagra they are happy that they don’t roof the puck into the netting behind the goal.

Homemade viagra Despite the couple of flurries in front, homemade viagra Tortorella will be successful if he can get at least one forward to go to the top of the crease – not the side of the crease and not along the goal line. Homemade viagra Just watch how many loose pucks pass through the top of the crease. Homemade viagra If the Rangers had a forward stationed at the top of the crease, homemade viagra they would not be doing their best impersonation of being a GAG Team (Goal A Game).

Homemade viagra With limited cap space available, homemade viagra and the lack of fiery leaders available on the trade front, homemade viagra President/GM Glen Sather filled his leadership void by bringing a spitfire as coach. Homemade viagra That is not so much a knock at Renney as it is Sather for misreading his team. Homemade viagra Slats turned his team over to Chris Drury and Scott Gomez when the Rangers passed on bringing back Jaromir Jagr and Brendan Shanahan – and he more or less admitted this mistake by bringing in Tortorella.

Homemade viagra “Torts is certainly a lot more fiery and lot different in his approach to the game and the players, homemade viagra” Sather told The Associated Press on Tuesday. Homemade viagra “He’s going to bring that fiery attitude, homemade viagra and a lot to the games we seemed to be missing it.”

Homemade viagra The same fiery attitude his captains did not bring.

Homemade viagra In his “exit interviews” with the New York media, homemade viagra Renney also addressed the lack of a “fiery on-ice leader.”
“But we had a struggle all year with internal leadership, homemade viagra and I have to think it was very difficult for guys, homemade viagra especially the younger guys, homemade viagra to look over the locker that used to belong to No. Homemade viagra 68 (Jagr) and see someone else there, homemade viagra and the same about the locker that used to belong to No. Homemade viagra 14 (Shanahan), homemade viagra” Renney told Larry Brooks of the NY Post on Wednesday.

Homemade viagra “It’s a very heavy cross to bear to be a captain or in a leadership role with the New York Rangers, homemade viagra or any pro team in New York City.” I’m not pointing fingers at anybody. Homemade viagra I’m not blaming Scott Gomez or Chris Drury. Homemade viagra I know they want to win. Homemade viagra But it’s different, homemade viagra that’s what I’m saying. Homemade viagra And I should have recognized that.”

Homemade viagra Renney also admitted to Brooks that he played a part in Shanahan’s not returning to the team because the former coach was “…the one standing in his way.”

Homemade viagra Would Jagr and Shanahan made a difference this year? It is a question that one will not be able to answer. Homemade viagra The team really couldn’t have been any worse. Homemade viagra In fact, homemade viagra if the team was worse, homemade viagra it would have even been better because the Rangers might have been in a better position to win the NHL Draft lottery and get a shot at John Tavares.

Homemade viagra With that said, homemade viagra it is a question that had to have gone through Sather’s mind as he watched the players he selected to pick up the leadership mantle on the verge of fumbling away a 10-2-1 start. Homemade viagra

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