The New York Rangers, like most NHL teams, are striving for the Stanley Cup Playoffs and ultimately a Finals win. However, at this juncture with their current squad, current schedule and current standings, the Rangers will settle for simply playing well enough regularly enough.

Forget the fan angle for a second, though. Going over the roster and the chemistry is great for a Rangers’ specific puff piece – but what we’ll speak about here are New York’s odds—realistically—to make the playoffs given their competition.

Per the current NHL standings, the Rangers are near the bottom of their Atlantic division, with only New Jersey showing worse on the ice. Overall, the Penguins are heavy favorites to pull out a division win. They’re barely behind the Atlantic-leading Islanders at the moment, and most suspect that Pittsburgh will pull out ahead as the season wears on. At least that’s where the odds point.

It’s important to remember that sports-betting is nothing like playing at a casino online. There’s nothing “fixed” in sports, and any given team can break through and end up winning. However, odds makers earn a living by sizing up the players, team chemistry and competition and then making a judgment call on a team’s chances to actually do well in a season.

For the Rangers in particular, the betting world doesn’t like what it sees right now. New York is currently at about 15:1 to actually make the playoffs, and they’re a 40:1 shot to come through and make it to or win the Stanley Cup Finals.

As the season progresses, most gamblers following the lines will quickly find out that hockey numbers isn’t anything at all like internet blackjack. For every game the Rangers play, their odds will increase or decrease.

Currently, things aren’t looking that bad for the New York Rangers to make the playoffs. Although it’s only a few games into the season, a spade must be called a spade. And if there were only a few games left in the season, then NY would essentially be a coin flip in realistic terms. But since there are over 70 games left, some realize that an average start doesn’t make a great team, hence the 15:1/40:1 betting odds still going strong.

Time will tell how the Rangers end up, obviously. Maybe in a few weeks the team will score better odds. The important thing to note is that an odds maker’s perspective isn’t a fan perspective, nor is it written in stone. Anyone could be wrong and the Rangers could have a fantastic season.

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