Buy viagra online With visions of sugar-plums dancing in my head, buy viagra online and looking forward to a week of wrapping Christmas gifts and my annual 12-hour Biscotti Bake-athon, buy viagra online I take refuge in the New York Rangers. Buy viagra online Rather than focusing on one or two topics, buy viagra online today I am taking a different approach by commenting on random ramblings.

Buy viagra online Tim Erixon

Buy viagra online The New York Rangers have recalled defenseman Tim Erixon as they heed Horace Greeley’s advice and head west for two games (St. Buy viagra online Louis on Thursday and Phoenix on Saturday). Buy viagra online It does set off some debate as to why Erixon was recalled. Buy viagra online Andrew Gross of The Record offers the following scenarios:

Buy viagra online 1. Buy viagra online It could mean the Rangers just want some in-case insurance since they’re traveling across the Mississippi.
2. Buy viagra online (More likely) Steve Eminger’s left arm is a question mark after he blocked a second-period shot and went to the bench in pain during last night’s 1-0 loss to the Stars. Buy viagra online Eminger came back for the third period and was on the ice for eight shifts over the final 20 minutes.
3. Buy viagra online (Possible) Coach John Tortorella is not totally satisfied with play he’s receiving from third pair of Jeff Woywitka and Anton Stralman.
4. Buy viagra online (Possible) Mike Sauer (concussion) is headed to injured reserve.

Buy viagra online Since Marc Staal is listed on the Long-Term Injured Reserve list, buy viagra online the Rangers will not have to make any salary cap moves. Buy viagra online The Rangers have placed Sauer on Injured Reserve due to the concussion he received on Dion Phaneuf’s hit. Buy viagra online Is it possible that the Rangers placed Sauer on the injured list with an eye towards placing him LTIR and trying to open a little more salary cap space for a trade deadline deal.

Buy viagra online On a side note, buy viagra online today has been a bad day for the NHL in terms of concussions as Milan Michalek, buy viagra online Joni Pitkanen and Jeffrey Skinner all join Sauer on the sidelines due to concussions.

Buy viagra online Brandon Dubinsky

Buy viagra online Speaking of the lineup, buy viagra online it might be time to give Brandon Dubinsky a break from the action. Buy viagra online You can make as good a case for t sitting him down as you can for not giving him a game off. Buy viagra online While Coach John Tortorella guards his lineup decisions with the same fervor as the United States guards Fort Knox, buy viagra online it might be time for Torts to open up a bit.

Buy viagra online During his banter with the media today, buy viagra online let everyone know that Dubi will be sitting out the St. Buy viagra online Louis game ONLY and strongly state that Dubinsky will be back in the lineup against Phoenix no matter what happens Thursday night. Buy viagra online The explanation is that you want to give Dubi a chance to just sit back and clear his head. Buy viagra online Heck, buy viagra online put headphones on him in the press box and let him stay in contact with Mike Sullivan on the bench – not a bad way for a struggling player to take a long – and different – look at the game. Buy viagra online

Buy viagra online If Sean Avery happens to have a whale of game (pun intended), buy viagra online then Torts has a pleasant lineup decision to make. Buy viagra online If Avery doesn’t play well, buy viagra online then it is a case of no-harm, buy viagra online no-foul. Buy viagra online

Buy viagra online When Dubinsky is the lineup, buy viagra online I would tweak the lines a little bit. Buy viagra online I would consider putting Dubi back with Brad Richards and Ryan Callahan, buy viagra online or at the very least flip him and Brian Boyle so that Dubinsky can skate with Carl Hagelin and John Mitchell – which might be the best idea because it will force Dubinsky to concentrate on his skating to keep up with the speedy wingers.

Buy viagra online Brave New NHL

Buy viagra online All of the beat writers have been hammering home the lament that NHL fans will be “treated” to more ho-hum games like last night’s Ranger-Stars game thanks to the new balanced schedule. Buy viagra online With less four-point games on the schedule, buy viagra online you are going to have more nights where both teams appear to be going through the motions as opposed to snatching two points from a division rival. Buy viagra online Oops, buy viagra online I forgot in the new NHL there are no divisions – just conferences.

Buy viagra online What is my take on the new NHL realignment? Let’s just say if there was a way for the NHL to screw up a good thing – they will. Buy viagra online In 1994 the NHL was coming off the high of the Rangers winning the Stanley Cup for the first time in 54 years. Buy viagra online So what happens next – the NHL locks out the players and the 1994-195season doesn’t start until January 20, buy viagra online 1995.

Buy viagra online After “learning” their lesson, buy viagra online a decade later the NHL becomes the first major pro sports league to cancel an entire season as the owners again lockout the players.

Buy viagra online The only saving grace over the NHL realignment plan is that the CBA is up at the end of the year and the NHL will again lockout the players and during the subsequent down time cooler heads will prevail as the NHL goes back to its six divisions and two conferences.

Buy viagra online Shoot the Puck … On Net

Buy viagra online I am always amused when Ranger fans scream “Shoot” when the Blueshirts go into their “Sweet Georgia Brown” power play. Buy viagra online What fans forget to add to the “Shoot” yell is “on net”. Buy viagra online I understand that there are times when a player has to shoot wide in order to prevent a blocked shot and a breakaway the other way. Buy viagra online Heck, buy viagra online in those buildings with lively dasher boards, buy viagra online it is often a good strategy.

Buy viagra online No, buy viagra online I am talking about when a Ranger has a relatively clear shot and just shoots wide as he is trying to put the puck through the goalie or as if he is trying to pick corners. Buy viagra online

Buy viagra online While fans are quick to put the hammer down on Michael Del Zotto for doing that (especially when his shots go wide of the net and start flying out to the neutral zone on sharp angle shots), buy viagra online it is a team-wide affliction that creeps far too often.

Buy viagra online Perhaps the Rangers need to adapt a Brylcreem attitude toward their shots – “a little dab’ll do ya”. Buy viagra online Sometimes it better to sacrifice some MPHs for accuracy.

Buy viagra online Torts and His Line Changes

Buy viagra online Funny, buy viagra online I don’t remember fans complaining too much about line juggling back during the 1993-1994 when Mike Keenan employed the “RW du jour” approach when it came to finding a match for Adam Graves and Mark Messier. Buy viagra online I think I remember John Davidson taking a shift or two amid the likes of Tony Amonte, buy viagra online Glenn Anderson, buy viagra online Mike Gartner, buy viagra online Alexei Kovalev, buy viagra online Steve Larmer and a cast of thousands.

Buy viagra online I also don’t hear too many Penguin fans complaining that Dan Bylsma juggles his lines to optimize the likes of Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. Buy viagra online By the way, buy viagra online is it me or shouldn’t Bylsma endorse Brylcreem?

Buy viagra online The Rangers do not struggle to score because Tortorella juggles his lines. Buy viagra online Rather, buy viagra online he juggles his lines when the Rangers are not scoring.

Buy viagra online Just In case …

Buy viagra online I don’t get the opportunity to post another Ranger Ramblings before the holidays hit, buy viagra online please let me take this opportunity to wish everyone the very best during this Christmas and Hanukkah season. Buy viagra online May everyone’s holiday be merry, buy viagra online happy and safe and here is to a great 2012 – one that is capped off with Gary Bettman saying, buy viagra online “Captain Ryan Callahan, buy viagra online come get the Stanley Cup!”

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