Viagra joke By any means necessary. Viagra joke That represents the mindset the New York Rangers must take in their seventh and deciding game against the Washington Capitals on Saturday night.

Viagra joke We already know that the Rangers are able to risk life and limb to block shots, viagra joke but they have to be willing to adopt a similar attitude when it comes to the offensive end of the ice. Viagra joke The bottom line is the Rangers must create more traffic and havoc in front of Braden Holtby and they need to find a way to keep him as busy as possible.

Viagra joke “We have to definitely get more shots [on goal] with bodies in front of [Holtby], viagra joke” Captain Ryan Callahan said following practice on Friday. Viagra joke “They’re blocking a lot of shots so we have to make sure we get shots through.”

Viagra joke The last two goals of Wednesday night’s game exemplifies the type of play Callahan is speaking about. Viagra joke The key for the Rangers forwards is going to the top of the crease and staying there rather than drifting past it to the side of the net.

Viagra joke Because the NHL playoffs can be such a marathon, viagra joke teams have to find a way to remain on an even-keel for as long as possible. Viagra joke Teams can’t get too high after wins or too low after losses, viagra joke no matter how emotional or devastating they might be. Viagra joke Championship teams develop a killer instinct as the playoffs evolve.

Viagra joke Rangers Coach John Tortorella knows that Saturday’s game is special, viagra joke but his team is not going to change its mentality.

Viagra joke “I know Game 7 isn’t just [another] game, viagra joke but we don’t change the way we do things. Viagra joke As we’ve done before, viagra joke we go about our business, viagra joke” Tortorella related. Viagra joke “We’ll be ready to play.”

Viagra joke Prior to NBC Sports Network’s Game 5 broadcast, viagra joke Ed Olczyk said the Capitals needed to have “a short-term memory” in reference to their Game 4 overtime loss.

Viagra joke Entering Game 7, viagra joke the Rangers need to remember how they never seemed to be able to recover from their slow start.

Viagra joke Being ready to play means coming out with a strong start to the first period, viagra joke unlike their Game 6 effort. Viagra joke The first goal of the game has been the key for both teams in this series and in the playoffs. Viagra joke The Rangers are 6-2 when they score first and 1-4 when they don’t. Viagra joke The Capitals are 7-1 when they score first and 0-5 when they don’t. Viagra joke The team scoring the first goal in this series has won every game.

Viagra joke The Blueshirts easiest path to advancing rests on Henrik Lundqvist being the best player on the ice – especially given the Rangers troubles scoring goals. Viagra joke Unfortunately, viagra joke history has not been kind to The King in these situations.

Viagra joke Neil Greenberg of the Washington Post reported that in four post-season elimination games against Washington, viagra joke Lundqvist is 0-4 with a 3.95 goals against average and an .840 save percentage.

Viagra joke Of course, viagra joke as great as Lundqvist can be, viagra joke he is still going to need some help on the offensive end. Viagra joke In Game 5 we witnessed the way Alexander Ovechkin can impact the game when he is on. Viagra joke

Viagra joke While the Rangers do not have anyone with the combination of size and scoring, viagra joke they do need Callahan, viagra joke Marian Gaborik and Brad Richards to come to the front. Viagra joke They cannot continue to count on secondary scorers like they did in Game 7 against Ottawa.

Viagra joke Torts, viagra joke and the Rangers as a whole, viagra joke have to utilize their home ice advantage. Viagra joke Tortorella has the last change so he can keep Gaborik, viagra joke Richards and Carl Hagelin away from the Capitals checking line while making sure Ryan McDonagh and Dan Girardi shadow Overchkin.

Viagra joke With their offense sputtering, viagra joke the Rangers have to find ways to win the battle of the special teams. Viagra joke The Capitals are 5-2 in the playoffs when they score a power play goal.

Viagra joke The Rangers need to heed the strategy that the Capitals are using to beat them on the power play.

Viagra joke “The [Rangers] force hard, viagra joke so you got to move the puck quick, viagra joke” forward Keith Aucoin told Tarik El-Bashir of the Washington Post. Viagra joke “If you move the puck quick, viagra joke you’ll get lanes to the net.”

Viagra joke With the Capitals forwards being so aggressive on the Rangers point men, viagra joke the Blueshirts needs to counter that with movement – both of the puck and themselves. Viagra joke They also need to get a player at the top of the blue and they need to station a second forward in the high slot – like they did in overtime in Game 4.

Viagra joke The Rangers also need to follow Anton Stralman’s Game 4 actions on the first goal of the game. Viagra joke Stralman deked his way around a Capitals forward to avoid the blocked shot. Viagra joke Another thing they might want to try is walking the blue line like Marc Staal did on his overtime winner.

Viagra joke In the end, viagra joke the Rangers have to find a way to match and exceed the urgency and desperation level they showed in Game 6. Viagra joke They need to reflect back on their effort in Games 6 and 7 against Ottawa.

Viagra joke Much has been made of the Capitals and Holtby’s playoff performances. Viagra joke As I wrote in my Game 6 recap, viagra joke there are some hidden numbers that the media has not been so quick to toss around.

Viagra joke While much was made about the Capitals becoming the first NHL team to go 4-0 in games following playoff losses, viagra joke no one mentions what the Capitals record is in the games following those wins. Viagra joke That is because Washington is 0-3 with Game 7 pending.

Viagra joke The other stat that is tossed around is how Holtby is 6-0 following Capitals’ losses. Viagra joke That is true, viagra joke but it also means that he is 1-6 in the other games – including 1-4 following up those six wins.

Viagra joke There is one wildcard that could possibly be introduced in Game 7, viagra joke Benjamin Hunter Holtby – the son of Braden Holtby and his fiancée on Thursday. Viagra joke Ranger fans have to hope that Holtby has his mind on his son rather than Game 7.

Viagra joke Given the way this series has gone, viagra joke it will come to no surprise to see the teams play beyond 60 minutes without a winner coming through early on Sunday morning.

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