Back to the bargaining table.

The NHL’s brand-new offer to the NHLPA could be the last hope in conserving the aeason and with this offer comes hope.

Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly confirmed the offer today.

“In light of media reports this morning, I can confirm that we delivered to the Union a new, comprehensive proposal for a successor CBA late yesterday afternoon,” he said in a statement. We are not prepared to discuss the details of our proposal at this time. We are hopeful that once the Union’s staff and negotiating committee have had an opportunity to thoroughly review and consider our new proposal, they will share it with the players. We want to be back on the ice as soon as possible.”

A new round of bargaining is set to begin this weekend.

The two sides will satisfy in person on Sunday after a teleconference on Saturday.

The owners reportedly lightened needs about making income arbitration and complimentary company harder to attain as well as changed the specific agreement variance from five percent to 10 percent.

There is also a one-time buyout in 2013-14 that will assist a team get under the $ 60 million cap and it will not count towards the salary cap.

If this doesn’t work, the period will most likely be canceled. The owners have held off over half the games already and online sports betting say any longer would make it impossible to have a season.

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