While John Tortella’s ego took a beating as a result of the Ranger’s playoff performance, one New York teen took a much more physical beating because of the race for the Stanley Cup. Last month, a pair of knucklehead Rangers fans in Englewood put a 17-year-old in the hospital after they mistook him for a criminal who sold them phoney Rangers playoff tickets.

According to Englewood Detective Captain, Tim Torell, the suspects Robert Brancaccio and Raymond Sorg allgedly “grabbed, assaulted and sent to the hospital a totally innocent — and much smaller — kid who was simply on his way to work.”

The pair, both of whom are six feet tall and over 220 pounds, were arrested on assault charges. The Englewood police also nabbed the REAL scammer, 41-year-old Troy Harrell, for theft by deception and drug related charges. Harrell is a convicted felon with criminal records in New Jersey, New York and Maryland.

Brancaccio and Sorg reportedly met with Harrell after responding to a classified ad on Craigslist and paid $640 for what they thought were playoff tickets. Once the duped duo were denied entrance at the gate and realized that their tickets weren’t worth the paper they were printed on, they watched the game at a bar in Manhattan.

Passionate for revenge, Brancaccio and Sorg tried to find Harrell again on Craigslist. They spotted him trying to sell tickets to the exclusive New York City Governor’s Ball Music Festival on Randall’s Island. They assumed aliases and arranged to meet Harrell in the same shopping plaza where they were sold the fake playoff tickets.“Their plan, at least according to them, was to confront Harrell about the previous rip-off and then contact the police,” Captain Torrell said.

For reasons that haven’t been revealed, the two dim-witted Rangers fans mistook a 17-year-old for Harrell, slammed him to the ground, and beat him. Thinking they caught their crook, they called the police and officers quickly arrived at the scene. While they were explaining to the officers what happened, they got a call — from the REAL Harrell. That’s when they realized they had made a criminal mistake way more extreme than your typical overzealous sports fan stupidity or delinquency. But they weren’t the only ones destined to spend the night in jail.

Shortly afterwards, Harrell showed up to the meeting place carrying four bogus tickets to the governor’s ball and a marijuana pipe. The officers placed Brancaccio, Sorg, and Harrell in cuffs.

Robert Brancaccio and Raymond Sorg  were booked and posted bail. The hearings for their aggravated assault charges are pending.

Troy Harrell was placed in Bergen County Jail on $27,000 bail.

The teen was sent to the Englewood Hospital and Medical Center where his parents later reunited with him.

Author Bio:

This is a guest post by Logan Strain, a blogger from San Diego, California. He posts about crime, law, and personal safety on twitter.


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