And in his second year of eligibility, Brendan Shanahan gets the call.

The former New York Ranger was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame along with Devils defensemen Scott Neidermayer and Red Wings and Blackhawks standout Chris Chelios  in a ceremony slated for November 11th.

Shanahan, who is now the Czar of Discipline in the NHL, played for the Rangers from 2006-08, joining Jaromir Jagr to form Hall of Fame leadership on Tom Renney’s teams.

The two time Stanley Cup winner with the Red Wings, seems to enjoy his time in New and many NHL hockey betting people always backed the power forward left wing. He scored 656 goals and 698 assists.

After Jagr left to play in Russia after the 2008 season, the Rangers chose not to re-sign Shanahan, a move Renney later admitted was a mistake and may have eventually cost him his job.

Shanahan came to the Rangers after playing years with the Red Wings, and he was consider the final piece that won two Stanley Cups in the 1990s.

“It was just the right fit,” Shanahan said. “They had not won the Cup in several decades. They had been close. At the time that’s all I wanted to do. I think you mature a bit as a player, you want to get yourself established, get yourself to feel like you belong, and then all of a sudden you start realizing how hard it is and how difficult it is to win a Cup and you become obsessed with it. I was lucky at that point in my career to join a team that was obsessed with it and a group of guys that were also obsessed with it, and were also talented enough to be a legitimate contender. I know I wouldn’t be on this call today if it weren’t for my time in Detroit.”

Also enshrined is former Rangers coach Fred Shero, who brought the Blueshirts to the 1979 Stanley Cup Finals after coaching the Flyers to two Stanley Cups.

In the 1978-79 playoffs, the Rangers defeated the Kings, Flyers and Islanders to reach the Finals against Montreal, but lost the series 4-1. In 1979-80, the Flyers knocked them off in the second round of the playoffs, and after a 4-13-3 start in 1980-81, Shero stepped down.

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