New York Rangers Introduce Alain VigneaultIt’s not easy to get James Dolan to open up, but eventually he gets the urge and thankfully, the Post’s Mike Vaccaro was there for his thoughts on the Knicks, MSG and of course the Rangers.

First and foremost, Glen Sather is going nowhere until he wants to. Dolan pretty must insinuated he will give the Rangers General Manger the call on that himself.

” Ultimately it’s got to be my call but I have a tremendous amount of respect for Glen and still feel very lucky to have him,” Dolan said. :He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and I don’t know if there’s anyone else in the NHL that’s better than him, but he’s got to be close to the top. His understanding of the game, his understanding of what makes a great player, and also he’s pulled off some trades I looked at him and said, “How did you do that?” As long as he’d like to stay I’d like to have him.”

You didn’t really need to check your lines at to know that one. Sather has been at the helm for 13 years. But to further that fact of the Ranger stability, Dolan did say he misses former Ranger coach John Tortorella.

” I miss John Tortorella,” he said. “I’d visit Torts before a game and we would trade barbs for 10 minutes, he’d tell me about his [lousy] cable TV service and I’d be sitting there saying, “You can’t clear the puck out of your zone, what the hell’s wrong with you?” and he’d strike back and then play the game and I miss that. I’m developing a relationship with Alain [Vigneault] and he’s also a good guy, but Torts and I had a special relationship. It was fun for me. He banned me from the locker room for a while, all in fun. I miss that.”

Dolan proclaimed during the Ranger run of two years ago, he expected the team to compete for a Stanley Cup, even with Vigneault as the coach now and the team at .500, he still expected a June run.

” Yeah, I do,” Dolan said. “This is going to be an interesting year because we have a new coach and a new system. I’m heartened by what I’ve seen, it looks like the team is picking up on the coach’s strategy looks like they’re starting to jell, [Rick] Nash is coming back [Tuesday], we’ll see how that impacts the team. I like what I see. So much of hockey is playoffs, just like basketball, we’ve made the playoffs a bunch of times now but we haven’t … the closest we came was conference finals.”

So maybe the Rangers can make a run. It can happen and if it does, the owner would be a very happy man.

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