April 2014

Non prescription viagra So here we are as the New York Rangers face yet another Game 7. Non prescription viagra Should we really have expected anything else from the Rangers? I know the Blueshirts refuse to do things the easy way, non prescription viagra hence their 12 game losing streak when they are leading a series, non prescription viagra but do they constantly have to do things the hard way? Maybe they should just start every playoff with Game 7 and the series tied 3-3.

Non prescription viagra Given the way the Rangers failed to show up for the final minutes of Game 6, non prescription viagra they better hope that momentum does carry over from game-to-game.

Non prescription viagra For their part, non prescription viagra the Rangers are talking about putting the horrors of Game 6 out of their minds. Non prescription viagra Martin St. Non prescription viagra Louis refers to “amnesia” and Brad Richards told the AP, non prescription viagra “This team is not going to be thinking about what happened tonight. Non prescription viagra It’s over once we get on the train. Non prescription viagra You have to move on quick.”

Non prescription viagra Not only should the Rangers NOT forget their Game 6 performance, non prescription viagra they need to embrace it, non prescription viagra take ownership of it, non prescription viagra and do whatever is necessary to make sure they do not repeat that performance tonight.

Non prescription viagra In my series preview, non prescription viagra I pointed to four keys the Rangers needed to accomplish in order to defeat the Flyers. Non prescription viagra In brief, non prescription viagra they were:

Non prescription viagra 1. Increased goal scoring
2. Special Teams
3. Don’t retaliate unnecessarily
4. Best players must be the best players

Non prescription viagra Of the four, non prescription viagra the closest the Rangers have come accomplishing with any consistency is the third one – and even that comes with a caveat. Non prescription viagra While the Rangers are not getting caught for retaliatory penalties, non prescription viagra they are getting caught taking bad/lazy penalties. Non prescription viagra

Non prescription viagra The penalty that Benoit Pouliot took on Claude Giroux was both bad and lazy – despite the fact that the referees refuse to penalize the Flyers for their splashy-divey embellishments.

Non prescription viagra As for the other keys, non prescription viagra the Rangers have been wildly inconsistent. Non prescription viagra Their offense has been humming when they win, non prescription viagra but near nonexistent in their losses. Non prescription viagra After starting the series 3-8 on the power play, non prescription viagra the Rangers man (dis)advantage has returned as they have been blanked on their 20 power plays. Non prescription viagra Maybe they need to hire Adam Oates as a power play consultant – stat!

Non prescription viagra The Rangers star players have been wildly inconsistent and that inconsistency has spread to usually reliable players like Pouliot, non prescription viagra Derick Brassard and Mats Zuccarello.

Non prescription viagra The biggest disappointment has been Rick Nash because of his; you guessed it, non prescription viagra wildly inconsistent play. Non prescription viagra While he has shown glimpses, non prescription viagra he has not stepped his play the way the team needs him. Non prescription viagra Nash needs to be more than just a finesse perimeter player; he needs to play with jam – something that Ray Ferraro pointed out today.

Non prescription viagra Adam Rotter of SNY offered the following quote from Ferraro who was on Leafs Lunch today and Ferraro pulled no punches when it came to breaking down Nash’s game so far.

Non prescription viagra “This is my pet peeve when I watch players. Non prescription viagra I was an undersized guy, non prescription viagra I see someone who is 6-4 and 230 and he rushes it over the side wall and takes his shot from there? I f he cuts to the net and he is almost unstoppable, non prescription viagra” Ferraro said.

Non prescription viagra “There is no anger to his game and you don’t need to be slashing guys but you need some passion or anger and he doesn’t display it. Non prescription viagra They brought him in for the playoffs. Non prescription viagra Dom Moore has two in this playoffs. Non prescription viagra They pay him $7 million. Non prescription viagra I don’t see how you can see that and think that what you are doing is right. Non prescription viagra He isn’t even close.”

Non prescription viagra While Nash is far from the only star Ranger not living up to the back of his hockey card, non prescription viagra his salary and potential to be a game-changer puts the biggest target on his back.

Non prescription viagra The key to a Rangers Game 7 victory comes down to DISCIPLINE. Non prescription viagra It is a concept that has to permeate across all parts of the Blueshirts game tonight. Non prescription viagra It starts with staying out of the penalty box, non prescription viagra especially if the NHL is going to employee the “Screw-the-Rangers” rulebook. Non prescription viagra You know the one where fast whistles disallow Ranger goals and see the Blueshirts called for three diving penalties while the Flyers cannonball their way into the pool. Non prescription viagra

Non prescription viagra The Rangers, non prescription viagra along with Montreal, non prescription viagra have been the best five-on-five teams in the playoffs – outscoring Philly 13-7 so staying out of the penalty box is imperative in Game 7.

Non prescription viagra The idea of discipline goes beyond staying out of the penalty box. Non prescription viagra It extends to their offensive zone play and especially on their power play. Non prescription viagra It is rather unfathomable how a team can be so disciplined killing penalties and then have no clue how to react when they have the man advantage.

Non prescription viagra Alain Vigneault is turning out to be one of those coaches who can design a good game plan going into a game, non prescription viagra but has troubles making adjustments during the game – especially in terms of the power play.

Non prescription viagra The Rangers are trying to employ the diamond power play set up as a means to jump start their power play. Non prescription viagra However, non prescription viagra the Flyers have countered it and AV seems unwilling or incapable of trying anything else.

Non prescription viagra This is where the discipline part comes into play. Non prescription viagra The Rangers MUST make Steve Mason has uncomfortable as possible in goal. Non prescription viagra That means pressure and traffic in front of the net. Non prescription viagra The Rangers were causing all kinds of havoc with their forecheck during the first period of Game 6, non prescription viagra but could not take advantage of that or the fact that Masone was a human rebound machine because no Rangers forwards ever camped out at the top of the crease.

Non prescription viagra If the Rangers had a couple of Adam Graves and Steve Vickers types, non prescription viagra this column would be extolling the Rangers on their Game 6 victory and looking ahead to ways to make Marc-Andre Fleury self-destruct.

Non prescription viagra The bottom line is that the Rangers forwards have to be disciplined enough to grow a set of onions and get to working the front of the net and the defensemen have to start being more disciplined with their shots from the point by working to get their shots through. Non prescription viagra Too many shots from the point are getting blocked.

Non prescription viagra The Rangers might want to utilize a strategy that seemed to work against Martin Brodeur and might work against Mason. Non prescription viagra The Rangers need to start generating some of their offense from behind the net. Non prescription viagra That doesn’t necessarily mean trying to beat Mason on wrap-arounds. Non prescription viagra It means getting the Flyers to commit down low so that it either A) opens up shots from the point or B) opens up shots from the slot (assuming the forwards man-up and go to the slot).

Non prescription viagra When the Rangers do get their shots they need to be disciplined enough to remember he catches with his right hand so they need to adjust if they want to beat him to the stick side. Non prescription viagra Mason has not looked all that comfortable when the Rangers go upstairs on him.

Non prescription viagra The Rangers need to heed the advice of Herb Brooks who constantly reminded his USA team to “play your game” as they upset the Soviet Union.

Non prescription viagra In the end, non prescription viagra the Rangers are going to need Henrik Lundqvist at his best – and that is the way he has been in terms of facing Game 7 situations. Non prescription viagra If his teammates given him an even chance, non prescription viagra he has shown an ability to get the job done in seventh and deciding games:

Non prescription viagra • 3-1 record, non prescription viagra 1.00 GAA, non prescription viagra .963 SV%, non prescription viagra and 1 SO in four career Game 7s
• 6-2 record, non prescription viagra 1.48 GAA, non prescription viagra .950 SV%, non prescription viagra and 2 SO in his last 8 elimination games
• 5-0 record, non prescription viagra 0.98 GAA, non prescription viagra .966 SV%, non prescription viagra and 2 SO in his last 5 elimination games @ MSG

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Viagra wholesale New York Rangers fans should thank Gary Bettman and the new NHL playoff structure for a couple of reasons. Viagra wholesale First off if the NHL were using last year’s playoff system, viagra wholesale the Rangers would be matched up with the Montreal Canadiens in the Eastern Conference’s four-five matchup. Viagra wholesale Given how much of a nightmare the Bell Centre has been for Henrik Lundqvist that is a good thing – no matter how successful the Blueshirts have been on the road this season.

Viagra wholesale The second reason for being thankful is that the Rangers don’t play the Washington Capitals. Viagra wholesale Of course, viagra wholesale a large part of the thanks for that has to go Alex Ovechkin and his teammates who were shut out of the playoffs – thus preventing a potential fifth playoff series in the last six seasons.

Viagra wholesale Instead, viagra wholesale the Rangers get the opportunity to renew their hostilities with the hated Philadelphia Flyers. Viagra wholesale While there is hatred for the Devils and Islanders, viagra wholesale it is strictly business. Viagra wholesale When it comes to the Flyers, viagra wholesale it is all personal.

Viagra wholesale This season’s matchup marks the 11th time the Rangers and Flyers will do battle in the playoffs – tying them for the 10th most common playoff matchup with the Chicago Blackhawks and St. Viagra wholesale Louis Blues who are renewing their playoff rivalry for the 11th time.

Viagra wholesale The Broadstreet Bullies lead the all-time series 6-4; including winning the last meeting between the two teams in 1997 when the Flyers won the Eastern Conference Finals in five games. Viagra wholesale That series marked the final playoff appearances for Wayne Gretzky, viagra wholesale Mark Messier, viagra wholesale Mike Richter and it marked the final Rangers playoff appearance for Brian Leetch.

Viagra wholesale It was also a series that featured a banged up Rangers team that turned to the likes of Ken Gernander and Dallas Eakins in order to fill out a lineup that featured 12 players who were at least 30-years-old.

Viagra wholesale The Rangers won Game 2 behind Wayne Gretzky’s hat trick to even the series, viagra wholesale but the Flyers swept Games 3 and 4 before finishing off the Rangers in Game 5.

Viagra wholesale The playoff victory in 1997 was the Flyers third consecutive playoff victory over the Rangers. Viagra wholesale The last time the Blueshirts defeated the Flyers in the playoffs was during the team’s improbable run to the 1986 Eastern Conference Finals as a fourth placed Rangers team (78 points) defeated the first place Flyers (110 points) in a fifth and deciding game in Philadelphia.

Viagra wholesale Normally having home ice in a playoff series would be cause for celebration. Viagra wholesale At first glance, viagra wholesale that appears to hold true with the Rangers and Flyers considering the Blueshirts have won eight in a row against Philly at MSG. Viagra wholesale However, viagra wholesale a closer look at the two teams’ season records tell a little different story.

Viagra wholesale Among playoff teams, viagra wholesale only the Detroit Red Wings (18) had fewer homes wins that the Rangers (20). Viagra wholesale While the Rangers accumulated 44 of their 96 points at home, viagra wholesale the Flyers gained 51 of their 94 points at home.

Viagra wholesale The Rangers big advantage is that they have been road warriors this season as only Colorado (56 points) and Anaheim (54) racked up more road points than the Rangers (52, viagra wholesale tied with Boston). Viagra wholesale The Rangers road record of 25-14-2 is made even more impressive when you consider they started the season with a 2-6 record in their first eight road games – thus finishing up with a sizzling 23-8-2 road record.

Viagra wholesale Brad Richards was at a loss for a concrete answer to the Rangers road-home swing.

Viagra wholesale “I’ve never been on a team with the best road record and this kind of home record, viagra wholesale” Richards admitted to Jeff Z. Viagra wholesale Klein of the NY Times.

Viagra wholesale “Sometimes, viagra wholesale there’s no rhyme or reason. Viagra wholesale There’s no real great answer for you — I’d love to make one up. Viagra wholesale But we don’t prepare any differently at home than we do on the road.”

Viagra wholesale Richards understands that certain parts of a team’s game can be swayed by the home crowd and offered Klein the following explanation.

Viagra wholesale “Certain things, viagra wholesale like the power play, viagra wholesale I understand how that sometimes can be better on the road than at home, viagra wholesale” he said. Viagra wholesale “You’re not hearing the fans, viagra wholesale you’re not trying to score in the first 10 seconds. Viagra wholesale You don’t consciously shoot because people are saying, viagra wholesale ‘Shoot, viagra wholesale’ but you just hear them get on you. Viagra wholesale But as far as the overall team game, viagra wholesale I don’t have an answer.”

Viagra wholesale Marc Staal put home ice advantage in its proper context while speaking with Steve Zipay of Newsday on Tuesday, viagra wholesale April 8.

Viagra wholesale “Home ice is big especially if you get later in the series, viagra wholesale Game 7 is an advantage if you have that home ice, viagra wholesale” Staal opined.

Viagra wholesale One wouldn’t think that it is imperative that the Rangers win Game 1, viagra wholesale but I believe it is important for the Blueshirts to draw first blood. Viagra wholesale The last thing you want to do is give the Flyers even the slightest glimpse of having any advantage in the series. Viagra wholesale The longer the Flyers troubles at MSG last, viagra wholesale the deeper the losing streak cements itself into Philly’s psyche.

Viagra wholesale It is a belief that the Flyers are bringing into this series.

Viagra wholesale “We’re obviously going to go there and try to get a split, viagra wholesale” Scott Hartnell said to Sarah Baicker of csnphilly.com. Viagra wholesale “But if you get the first one, viagra wholesale then you can go for two. Viagra wholesale We’re really going to put all our eggs in the one basket the first game and put it all on the line. Viagra wholesale I think that’s got to be the mindset of the game.”

Viagra wholesale In order for the Rangers to even contemplate making a deep run in the Stanley Cup playoffs, viagra wholesale they need to stop playing seven game series. Viagra wholesale You want to “grab and go” in terms of the playoff series, viagra wholesale in other words, viagra wholesale you want to get in and out as quickly as possible – and most especially in this series.

Viagra wholesale You can expect the Flyers to come out hitting from the opening faceoff and through the final whistle – and beyond. Viagra wholesale I don’t think the Rangers will have a problem with the Flyers in terms of “regular physical play”, viagra wholesale but I do think they will have a problem with extracurricular activities that happen after every whistle – the type of play that turns every stoppage into a scrum.

Viagra wholesale It doesn’t matter who the player is or what kind of style he played before he joined the Flyers, viagra wholesale but it seems that once someone puts on the orange and black they all take on the Broad Street Bully persona.

Viagra wholesale The longer the series goes, viagra wholesale the more and more that will play a part in this series. Viagra wholesale With Games 6 and 7 being played on back-to-back nights, viagra wholesale it might be a lot to ask the Rangers to go seven and then turn around and be ready to play against a Pittsburgh Penguins team that should make short work of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Viagra wholesale It is this potential for Flyers shenanigans that would tempt me to play Daniel Carcillo over Jesper Fast. Viagra wholesale Given Alain Vigneault’s style of play, viagra wholesale I expect that he will opt to go with Fast’s speed and hockey abilities until circumstances dictate Carcillo’s style of play.

Viagra wholesale The Rangers recall of J.T. Viagra wholesale Miller might signify that the team is looking for a bit more jam in the lineup than Fast provides and a bit more finesse than Carcillo provides.

Viagra wholesale It is too bad that Chris Kreider’s status for the Philly series is unknown. Viagra wholesale He brings the best of what Fast and Carcillo can bring in terms of finesse, viagra wholesale speed, viagra wholesale scoring with just the right amount of chip on his shoulder. Viagra wholesale Unfortunately, viagra wholesale at this time of year all teams are facing their own injury problems. Viagra wholesale At least the Rangers are assured of the return of Ryan McDonagh.

Viagra wholesale The question will be how far out of the way with the Flyers go to punish McDonagh’s shoulder and just how many liberties will they take – and you know the Flyers are going to take some liberties. Viagra wholesale This is just another reason why I would insert Carcillo instead of Fast/Miller.

Viagra wholesale The Flyers are not without their worries, viagra wholesale chief among the health of goaltender Steve Mason who suffered an upper body injury (possible concussion) in Philly’s game against the Penguins on Saturday. Viagra wholesale

Viagra wholesale Mason will not be travelling with the Flyers when they make their way to New York. Viagra wholesale Ray Emery will get the start as rookie Cal Heeter serving as the backup. Viagra wholesale If Mason is healthy enough to play in Game 2, viagra wholesale he could join the team for the Easter matinee.

Viagra wholesale While Emery did lead the Ottawa senators to the Stanley Cup Finals, viagra wholesale that was seven years ago and I am sure the Flyers do not necessarily want to find out if Emery can recapture his 2007 playoff form.

Viagra wholesale That is not to say that the Rangers have iced away the series. Viagra wholesale Emery’s lifetime record against the Rangers is 7-2-0 with a 1.87 GAA and a .936 SV%. Viagra wholesale One of those two losses occurred in a 4-1 Rangers victory in January.

Viagra wholesale Interestingly enough, viagra wholesale despite the spotty goaltending of the Flyers, viagra wholesale there is one Philly reporter who thinks Henrik Lundqvist has not been a clutch goaltender in the playoffs.

Viagra wholesale Tim Panaccio of csnphilly.com is quick to point out Lundqvist’s 30-37 playoff record and only one appearance in an Eastern Conference Final.

Viagra wholesale What Panaccio conveniently forgot was the work The King put in against Ottawa in the 2012 Conference Quarterfinals, viagra wholesale defeating the Senators in Games 6 and 7. Viagra wholesale Lundqvist duplicated this feat in the 2012 Conference Semifinals as the Rangers eliminated the Capitals.

Viagra wholesale Lundqvist repeated his performance last year by not only winning Games 6 and 7 against the Capitals, viagra wholesale but he shut Washington out in both games.

Viagra wholesale I guess in Panaccio’s world, viagra wholesale only goalies who win Stanley Cups can be deemed “clutch”.

Viagra wholesale Looking ahead to this series, viagra wholesale I see the Rangers path to victory coming down to four keys.

Viagra wholesale 1. Come playoff time, viagra wholesale scoring goals becomes an even bigger imperative because all teams (unless you are the 2012 Flyers or Penguins) tend to become more aware of their defensive zone. Viagra wholesale As a result, viagra wholesale the need to increase goal scoring becomes more important in the playoffs.

Viagra wholesale 2. Hand-in-hand is the need to elevate special teams. Viagra wholesale The Rangers have demonstrated the ability to not only have one of the NHL’s best penalty killing units, viagra wholesale but they have developed a knack for creating offense when shorthanded. Viagra wholesale The problem has been their power play which has shown signs of reverting to its pre-AV habits. Viagra wholesale The more the Rangers power play struggles, viagra wholesale the more liberties the Flyers will take with the Rangers. Viagra wholesale The quickest way to neutralize the Broadstreet Bullies is to make them pay for taking penalties.

Viagra wholesale 3. Keeping with the Broadstreet Bullies theme, viagra wholesale the Blueshirts will have to learn to “walk the line”. Viagra wholesale That is the fine line of knowing when to “turn the other cheek” and when to retaliate. Viagra wholesale There is no iron clad rule on when to retaliate or not, viagra wholesale but a simple solution might just be in it is a one-one battle – let it go. Viagra wholesale When the Flyers get into their pack mentality, viagra wholesale it will be time for the Rangers to retaliate.

Viagra wholesale 4. The last key is one that will ultimately determine how far the Rangers go in the 2014 playoffs. Viagra wholesale It has been great to see the likes of Benoit Pouliot, viagra wholesale Derick Brassard and Mats Zuccarello develop into productive players. Viagra wholesale However, viagra wholesale the Rangers need their best players to be their best players. Viagra wholesale That means the likes of Lundqvist, viagra wholesale McDonagh, viagra wholesale Dan Girardi, viagra wholesale Marc Staal, viagra wholesale Rick Nash, viagra wholesale Martin St. Viagra wholesale Louis, viagra wholesale Brad Richards, viagra wholesale and Derek Stepan have to be the players who lead the way. Viagra wholesale When push comes to shove, viagra wholesale this is the most important key to the Rangers playoff success. Viagra wholesale It is time for the stars to start playing up to the numbers on the backs of their hockey cards.

Viagra wholesale Before I give my prediction, viagra wholesale I want to share an interesting side note that was written by Tim Wharnsby of CBC sports. Viagra wholesale Wharnsby noted that in 2004, viagra wholesale Richards, viagra wholesale St. Viagra wholesale Louis and Vincent Lecavalier were leading the Tampa Bay Lightning to a Stanley Cup victory. Viagra wholesale Now 10 years later, viagra wholesale Richards and St. Viagra wholesale Louis do battle against their former teammate.

Viagra wholesale By the way, viagra wholesale Richards led the playoffs in scoring that year with 26 points and St. Viagra wholesale Louis finished second with 24 points.

Viagra wholesale In the end, viagra wholesale the Rangers goaltending and ability to win games on the road lead the Blueshirts to hard fought victory in six games. Viagra wholesale

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