May 2014

Herbal risk viagra The 2014 Eastern Conference Finals is what hockey is all about – an Original Six matchup between the New York Rangers and Montreal Canadiens. Herbal risk viagra It is also a rematch of the 1986 Eastern Conference Finals won by the Canadiens in five games behind rookie goaltender Patrick Roy who turned a so-so regular season into a Conn Smythe Trophy for his playoff heroics.

Herbal risk viagra This series also features two teams who are looking to return to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in over 20 years. Herbal risk viagra Montreal also carries the mantle (and burden) of being the last Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup (1993).

Herbal risk viagra The Blueshirts/Habs playoff meeting is the 15th between the two teams, herbal risk viagra with each team winning seven. Herbal risk viagra Those 15 matchups push the teams past Toronto and Boston for the fifth most frequent playoff matchup.

Herbal risk viagra The last time the two clubs met in the playoffs was 1996 and the Rangers prevailed in a weird six game series. Herbal risk viagra The Blueshirts dropped the first two games of the series at MSG before roaring back to win the next four – including the first ever playoff game in the Molson Centre (now the Bell Centre).

Herbal risk viagra It is kind of funny how times have changed for the Rangers in terms of their ability to play on the road at Montreal. Herbal risk viagra

Herbal risk viagra During the last few years, herbal risk viagra it has been the Rangers who have been getting their bell rung at the Bell Centre.

Herbal risk viagra Pat Leonard of the Daily News detailed just how much the Bell Centre has become a house of horrors to the Rangers:

• The Rangers have only two wins in their last 12 games in Montreal dating back to February 2008.
• In their last four games in Montreal, herbal risk viagra the team has only one goal (Ryan Callahan – 11/16/13) and just two goals (John Mitchell – 1/15/12). Herbal risk viagra The last time a current Ranger scored in Montreal was one exactly one year prior to Mitchell’s goal (Mats Zuccarello provided the honors).
• Things have not been much better for Henrik Lundqvist in Montreal. Herbal risk viagra Rookie netminder Cam Talbot made both starts in Montreal this year because of The King’s less-than-regal 4-5-2 record. Herbal risk viagra Talbot’s 1-0 win on November 16, herbal risk viagra 2013 marked the team’s first win at the Bell Centre since March 17, herbal risk viagra 2009 – which was also Lundqvist’s last win in Montreal.

As you might expect, herbal risk viagra the series will be an emotional one for Martin St. Herbal risk viagra Louis as he returns home to play for the first time since losing his mother. Herbal risk viagra The team pulled together when the tragedy first hit and you can expect them to support their teammate even more now.

Herbal risk viagra On May 12, herbal risk viagra Pierre McGuire spoke with WFAN’s Mike Francesa about how the team has rallied around St. Herbal risk viagra Louis.

Herbal risk viagra “They have become a family, herbal risk viagra right before our very eyes, herbal risk viagra if there were any guys who were maybe not on board or not prepared to do the heavy lifting to get back in the series, herbal risk viagra they have all bought in now, herbal risk viagra” McGuire said. Herbal risk viagra “I really think that the galvanizing moment is how the Rangers have handled the passing of Marty St. Herbal risk viagra Louis’ mother and it has brought them together as a group.”

Herbal risk viagra St. Herbal risk viagra Louis might be able to help his teammates through their rough time in Montreal. Herbal risk viagra While he did not score in Montreal, herbal risk viagra he did help Tampa Bay to Shootout and Overtime wins in the Bell Centre. Herbal risk viagra St. Herbal risk viagra Louis did score in the Lightning’s one home game against the Habs – a 2-1 Shootout loss.

Herbal risk viagra It is also a return for Coach Alain Vigneault as he started his NHL coaching career with Montreal. Herbal risk viagra In 266 games with the Habs (1997/98-2000/01), herbal risk viagra AV compiled a 109-118-35-4 record. Herbal risk viagra His replacement in Montreal was current coach Michel Therrien (in his first stint as the Canadiens coach).

Herbal risk viagra While you can bet Brandon Prust and Dale Weise will be amped to play against their former teammates, herbal risk viagra the Rangers win that battle as former Habs’ first round draft pick Ryan McDonagh squares off against the team that drafted him. Herbal risk viagra If the Rangers manage to win the Stanley Cup they really do owe former Montreal GM Bob Gainey a ring for not only taking Scott Gomez but for giving McDonagh to the Blueshirts.

Herbal risk viagra Whether the Rangers faced the Montreal Canadiens or the Boston Bruins, herbal risk viagra the road to the Stanley Cup Finals was not going to be a cakewalk. Herbal risk viagra It was just going to be a matter of picking your poison. Herbal risk viagra

Herbal risk viagra The Bruins represented a battle-tested playoff team that has experienced what it takes to win a Stanley Cup. Herbal risk viagra Led by the likes of Zdeno Chara and Milan Lucic, herbal risk viagra the Rangers would have been facing an intense physical battle – kind of like what they expected from the Philadelphia Flyers.

Herbal risk viagra While the Canadiens will never be mistaken for Herb Brooks’ smurfs of the 1980s, herbal risk viagra the Habs rely on their skating and finesse to win games. Herbal risk viagra Montreal is a team that has been able to score goals at even strength (2nd only to the Rangers) and on the power play (4th best) in the playoffs – kind of like what they expected from the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Herbal risk viagra The one thing the Rangers had going for them in the first two rounds might not be such a big advantage for them in this series. Herbal risk viagra For the first time in the playoffs, herbal risk viagra Lundqvist is not head-and-shoulders the better goaltender. Herbal risk viagra Some might say that Montreal’s Carey Price has that advantage – and based on his play against the Blueshirts – they might be right.

Herbal risk viagra In his last five games against the Rangers, herbal risk viagra Price has posted a 4-1 record and has allowed only two goals in those five games.

Herbal risk viagra As we look ahead to the keys to this series, herbal risk viagra we need to remember that there are two building blocks that are essential to the Rangers foundation to building a winning playoff strategy. Herbal risk viagra The fact that they are also the two most inconsistent parts of their game goes to show how reliant the Blueshirts have been on Lundqvist being the best goalie in the series – something that is not written in stone against the Habs.

Herbal risk viagra The Rangers special teams must step up their play from the first two rounds. Herbal risk viagra While the power play and penalty kill improved against the Penguins, herbal risk viagra the team can’t get by with the ninth best power play and the 13th best penalty kill.

Herbal risk viagra Discipline is a big part of the Rangers special team improvement. Herbal risk viagra The team’s discipline with the man advantage means taking the good shot and not passing the puck in an attempt for the great shot. Herbal risk viagra It means being disciplined enough to remember to get traffic at the front of the net.

Herbal risk viagra As far as penalty killing goes, herbal risk viagra the best strategy is just to stay out of the penalty box. Herbal risk viagra If you thought you saw some strange calls in the previous two series – you ain’t seen anything yet. Herbal risk viagra Whether it is fan paranoia, herbal risk viagra excuse-making or partial truth, herbal risk viagra the perception is that the Canadian teams (especially those in Montreal and Toronto) tend to get the benefit of the doubt in terms of calls. Herbal risk viagra Not only should we not expect that perception to change, herbal risk viagra we should expect the cynicism to grow as our northern brethren hold their collective breaths in anticipation of Montreal bringing the Stanley Cup back home to Canada.

Herbal risk viagra The second recurring key is that the Rangers best players need to be their best players. Herbal risk viagra At this point, herbal risk viagra the main target of this point is Rick Nash. Herbal risk viagra While he is doing all the little things you need him to do, herbal risk viagra he is not doing the main thing you need him to – score goals. Herbal risk viagra With Montreal being more of a finesse team, herbal risk viagra you would expect/hope that Nash can finally break out offensively.

Herbal risk viagra Looking ahead to this series, herbal risk viagra I see the Rangers possible path to victory coming down to these keys.

Herbal risk viagra 1. The Matchups – It will be interesting to see which line Therrien uses his top defense pairing of P.K. Herbal risk viagra Subban and Josh Gorges against? If he doesn’t use that pairing against Nash-Derek Stepan-Chris Kreider, herbal risk viagra he might use the Andrei Markov and Alexi Emelin pairing. Herbal risk viagra I would guess that AV would want to keep Nash’s line away from the top pair – which will be difficult at the Bell Centre when the Habs have the last change.

Herbal risk viagra 2. Break The Streaks – There are lots of streaks that the Rangers need to break if they want to get to the Stanley Cup Finals. Herbal risk viagra First and foremost, herbal risk viagra Lundqvist has to be Le Roi in this series – especially in the Bell Centre. Herbal risk viagra In his last four starts in Montreal, herbal risk viagra Lundqvist is 0-3-1 with a 6.99 GAA and a .862 SV%.

Herbal risk viagra Lundqvist is not the only player who needs to break the Bell Centre jinx. Herbal risk viagra Prior to their 1-0 win in November, herbal risk viagra the Rangers had lost their last eight games in Montreal by a combined 30-7 score.

Herbal risk viagra The time has come for Nash to break out of his playoff scoring slump and show why the Rangers invested so heavily in him. Herbal risk viagra The Habs are not that physical a team (as compared to the Flyers or Bruins) so he should be able to be effective driving to the net.

Herbal risk viagra The most important streak that needs to come to an end is the 0-13 record when the Rangers have a lead in a playoff series. Herbal risk viagra Until the Blueshirts manage to exorcise that stat they are eternally doomed to play seven game series – and no team has ever won the Stanley Cup after playing 28 playoff games.

Herbal risk viagra 3. Strike First – This key has a double connotation to it. Herbal risk viagra As we saw throughout the Second Round, herbal risk viagra the first goal of the game was golden – and it should be no different in this series. Herbal risk viagra With the Bell Centre packing in nearly 22, herbal risk viagra000 screaming rabid Canadiens fans, herbal risk viagra the Rangers would be very wise to score early (and often) and try to keep the crowd out of the game. Herbal risk viagra The more the crowd is in the game, herbal risk viagra the more the Habs will feed off that, herbal risk viagra and the more the officials will feed off that as well. Herbal risk viagra If you don’t think that plays a part in a game in Montreal, herbal risk viagra well, herbal risk viagra then I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

Herbal risk viagra The second part of striking first is getting a victory in Game 1, herbal risk viagra or at the very least in Game 2. Herbal risk viagra The Rangers want to be able to take away home-ice advantage as soon as possible. Herbal risk viagra Besides, herbal risk viagra if the Rangers can get Game 1 then they are set up to end the 0-13 streak early in the series, herbal risk viagra rather than later.

Herbal risk viagra 4. Forecheck – With the way Price and the Habs defense has stifled the Rangers offense, herbal risk viagra the Blueshirts are going to need to find ways to score. Herbal risk viagra Obviously, herbal risk viagra a semi-potent power play would work wonders. Herbal risk viagra Another way to generate offense is to pin Montreal in their own zone. Herbal risk viagra The Rangers showed flashes of brilliant forechecking against Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and they will need to step up the ante in this series.

Herbal risk viagra An aggressive and successful forecheck will not only lead to turnovers, herbal risk viagra but it will help to neutralize the Canadiens speed by controlling the tempo of the game and forcing Montreal to defend rather than attack.

Herbal risk viagra 5. Traffic – This key another one of those two-parters. Herbal risk viagra If the Rangers have learned anything from their matchups against the Flyers and Penguins it is that their offense is much better, herbal risk viagra and more effective, herbal risk viagra when they are driving to the net and screening goaltenders. Herbal risk viagra Price is so zoned into his game that his Olympic Gold could be followed up with Lord Stanley’s hardware. Herbal risk viagra The Rangers have to be as aggressive getting in Price’s grill as opponents are in getting bodies in front of Lundqvist.

Herbal risk viagra The second part of the traffic key is that the Rangers need to be able to clamp down on the neutral zone. Herbal risk viagra They can’t afford to let the Canadiens control the neutral zone because the speed they generate there will translate into scoring opportunities. Herbal risk viagra When the Rangers were on their game defensively against Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, herbal risk viagra neither team had any time or space in the neutral zone.

Herbal risk viagra The Canadiens are a team that looks to hit the long breakout passes for breakaways. Herbal risk viagra As a result, herbal risk viagra the solid forecheck and the ability to choke off the neutral zone are essential.

Herbal risk viagra When all is said and done, herbal risk viagra there is one thing that I can predict for a fact: the team that wins this series and advances to the Stanley Cup Finals will wear red, herbal risk viagra white, herbal risk viagra and blue.

Herbal risk viagra Okay, herbal risk viagra you all probably think I am a wise-ass because both teams wear those colors. Herbal risk viagra But if you noticed, herbal risk viagra I wrote red, herbal risk viagra white and blue, herbal risk viagra not rouge, herbal risk viagra blanc, herbal risk viagra et bleu.

Herbal risk viagra In the end, herbal risk viagra I see the Rangers doing what they do best – winning a seven-game playoff series. Herbal risk viagra I have seen some writers say that such a series will tire out the Rangers who have played 14 games as compared to just 11 for the Canadiens. Herbal risk viagra However, herbal risk viagra it is Montreal that is coming off a seven-game war against the Bruins.

Herbal risk viagra The Rangers are the more battle-tested playoff team and they have actually been able to get some rest. Herbal risk viagra While the NHL has not officially released the schedule, herbal risk viagra it is nowhere near as hectic as the previous series. Herbal risk viagra With Game 2 set for Monday (5/19), herbal risk viagra Games 3 and 4 would take place at the Garden on Thursday (5/22) and either Saturday (5/24) or Sunday (5/25). Herbal risk viagra The only problem is that you can bet MSG will be overrun with Habs fans who will be able to get tickets on the secondary market. Herbal risk viagra I don’t think the Rangers will be able to block Montreal fans the way the Seattle Seahawks blocked San Francisco 49ers fans from getting tickets to the NFC Championships.

Herbal risk viagra While the Canadiens did sweep the Tampa Bay Lightning and outlasted the Big Bad Bruins, herbal risk viagra Montreal is still a team that Brian Costello of The Hockey News called a “… pint-sized, herbal risk viagra icing a roster with a league-high nine forwards and four defensemen who stand 6-foot or smaller. Herbal risk viagra The Habs are at the bottom of the NHL weight scale as well with just one regular (Alexei Emelin) weighing 220 pounds or more.”

Herbal risk viagra In my opinion, herbal risk viagra it will be Montreal that wears down by the end of this series, herbal risk viagra not the Rangers.

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Cialis canadian pharmacy The teams may change, cialis canadian pharmacy and the circumstances leading up to it may change, cialis canadian pharmacy but if it is May and it is playoff time in the NHL, cialis canadian pharmacy then the New York Rangers must be facing another Game 7 battle as the Blueshirts look to survive and advance in the race for Stanley Cup. Cialis canadian pharmacy

Cialis canadian pharmacy The Rangers are getting to be grizzled veterans when it comes to playing a seventh and deciding game. Cialis canadian pharmacy The Rangers have won their last three Game 7 matchups during the last two seasons and lost a fourth in 2009 to Washington when the Blueshirts held a three games to one series lead – the same deficit they are looking to overcome tonight.

Cialis canadian pharmacy The Rangers have been down three games to one in 16 previous playoff matchups and have forced a Game 7 once – in 1939 when they spotted Boston a three games to none lead before losing Game 7 on Mel Hill’s triple overtime goal, cialis canadian pharmacy his third overtime winner of the series.

Cialis canadian pharmacy While that seems like a mighty tall mountain to climb, cialis canadian pharmacy it is a bit misleading because the corps of this team was only involved in one of the 16 previous occurrences. Cialis canadian pharmacy Remember, cialis canadian pharmacy there was also a time when the Rangers did not win seventh games. Cialis canadian pharmacy

Cialis canadian pharmacy On the other hand, cialis canadian pharmacy Larry Brooks of the NY Post pointed out that seven Penguins (Marc-Andre Fleury, cialis canadian pharmacy James Neal, cialis canadian pharmacy Chris Kunitz, cialis canadian pharmacy Kris Letang, cialis canadian pharmacy Paul Martin, cialis canadian pharmacy Craig Adams and Matt Niskanen) were part the team’s 2011 playoff collapse as Pittsburgh blew a 3-1 series lead against Tampa Bay. Cialis canadian pharmacy It must be noted that both Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin missed that series because of injuries. Cialis canadian pharmacy The Lightning (with Martin St. Cialis canadian pharmacy Louis and Dominic Moore) won Game 7, cialis canadian pharmacy in Pittsburgh, cialis canadian pharmacy 1-0.

Cialis canadian pharmacy Let’s be honest, cialis canadian pharmacy the Rangers have never beaten Pittsburgh in the playoffs so it figures it would the Blueshirts would take a circuitous route in doing so. Cialis canadian pharmacy By the way, cialis canadian pharmacy one year ago today the Rangers notched their first ever Game 7 road win with their 5-0 blanking of the Washington Capitals.

Cialis canadian pharmacy Rangers fans are going to hunker down in their bunkers on Tuesday night hoping that the momentum from Games 5 and 6 carry over to Game 7. Cialis canadian pharmacy I hate to disappoint, cialis canadian pharmacy but momentum does not carry over from game-to-game in the playoffs. Cialis canadian pharmacy If momentum carried over from game-to-game, cialis canadian pharmacy then the Rangers would have been toast after phoning in Games 3 and 4. Cialis canadian pharmacy

Cialis canadian pharmacy By the time the opening puck is dropped for the next game, cialis canadian pharmacy a new set of momentum is being written.

Cialis canadian pharmacy Rather, cialis canadian pharmacy momentum changes from shift-to-shift and period-to-period.

Cialis canadian pharmacy There is one caveat that can be applied to the momentum theory and we have our old pal Pierre McGuire to thank for it. Cialis canadian pharmacy Everyone’s “favorite” between-the-benches analyst talks of the three things you want to plant in your opponents’ mind as a series progresses: concern, cialis canadian pharmacy doubt and fear. Cialis canadian pharmacy

Cialis canadian pharmacy It is safe to say that the Penguins are at the fear stage.

Cialis canadian pharmacy More importantly for the Rangers, cialis canadian pharmacy Marc-Andre Fleury is definitely at the fear stage. Cialis canadian pharmacy He entered the series with a big target on his back as THE potential goat in any Penguins playoff loss. Cialis canadian pharmacy After shutting out the Rangers in back-to-back games, cialis canadian pharmacy it appears that the target is back and it is as big as it has been in the 2014 playoffs.

Cialis canadian pharmacy It is the fear of a Fleury Playoff Meltdown that can transcend from game-to-game, cialis canadian pharmacy especially in the mind of the Penguins netminder.

Cialis canadian pharmacy The Pittsburgh newspapers contain stories promising of shakeups should the Penguins fulfill their playoff wilting. Cialis canadian pharmacy The changes start all at the top with GM Ray Shero, cialis canadian pharmacy go through Coach Dan Byslma (who is not that big a fan favorite), cialis canadian pharmacy and down through the players. Cialis canadian pharmacy Even Captain Sidney Crosby is drawing criticism for not stepping up his play and his inability to provide leadership.

Cialis canadian pharmacy This is the hornets’ nest that the CONSOL Energy Center could turn into for the Penguins. Cialis canadian pharmacy All that is missing is the spark to ignite the powder keg – and that is where the Rangers have to provide that spark.

Cialis canadian pharmacy It is no coincidence that the first goal will be huge on Tuesday night. Cialis canadian pharmacy Through Monday nights’ games, cialis canadian pharmacy only one time has a team scored first and failed to win – Minnesota did it last night in Chicago. Cialis canadian pharmacy In addition, cialis canadian pharmacy the team that scores first in Game 7 is 112-40 (73.7%).

Cialis canadian pharmacy If the Rangers can channel their play from Games 5 and 6 and use it as the springboard for the first goal of the game, cialis canadian pharmacy they could provide the spark that lights the Penguins final implosion.

Cialis canadian pharmacy A big key to igniting that spark could very well be Chris Kreider. Cialis canadian pharmacy The youngster’s return to the lineup gives Vigneault his top nine forwards and gives the Rangers offense even more speed and much needed size. Cialis canadian pharmacy It also allows Nash to play right wing where he seems to be more comfortable.

Cialis canadian pharmacy Most fans think the Rangers are without pressure because they are playing with “house money”. Cialis canadian pharmacy I say balderdash and poppycock. Cialis canadian pharmacy That “house money” stuff works when you are talking about kids playing in school, cialis canadian pharmacy whether it is high school or college. Cialis canadian pharmacy When you are a professional, cialis canadian pharmacy you are expected to win these games unless you are in a David versus Goliath situation – and that is hardly the case between these two teams.

Cialis canadian pharmacy Granted, cialis canadian pharmacy the pressure is greater on the Penguins because they were one game away from eliminating the Rangers. Cialis canadian pharmacy While home teams win about 60% of Game 7 matchups, cialis canadian pharmacy they are facing on the league’s best road teams so even that advantage might not be as great as it could have been.

Cialis canadian pharmacy The same keys that I pointed out in my series preview still apply as the Rangers embark on yet another Game 7 battle. Cialis canadian pharmacy They need to play disciplined and stay out of a battle of the special teams with the Penguins. Cialis canadian pharmacy While the Rangers power play has responded of late, cialis canadian pharmacy it is not good practice to give Crosby, cialis canadian pharmacy Malkin and the rest of the Penguins firepower extra chances with the man advantages.

Cialis canadian pharmacy Speaking of power plays, cialis canadian pharmacy if the Rangers happen to be up by a couple of goals in the third period – and happen to get a power play or two – could Coach Alain Vigneault please use two defensemen on the points instead of one blueliner and four forwards.

Cialis canadian pharmacy With scoring the first goal at such a premium (and extending that lead a couple of goals wouldn’t hurt either), cialis canadian pharmacy the Rangers have to continue to be relentless on their attack on Fleury – and relentless on their forecheck. Cialis canadian pharmacy The more time they spend in the Pittsburgh zone, cialis canadian pharmacy the less time they have to worry about defending against tne Penguins offense or a crazy deflection. Cialis canadian pharmacy

Cialis canadian pharmacy This series has shown that when the Rangers get bodies to the net and attack the crease with intent, cialis canadian pharmacy they have been able to score goals.

Cialis canadian pharmacy In moving forward with their offensive game plan, cialis canadian pharmacy they might want to consider going back.

Cialis canadian pharmacy Fleury looked pretty bad on Carl Hagelin’s backhander in the first period of Game 6 so the Rangers should not be afraid to fire backhanders – especially if they can get Fleury moving side-to-side.

Cialis canadian pharmacy The other part of going back is looking to start some of their attack from behind the net. Cialis canadian pharmacy It is all part of trying of a strategy to get Fleury moving and not allowing him to get squared up with the shooter. Cialis canadian pharmacy This strategy, cialis canadian pharmacy of course, cialis canadian pharmacy is going to require the Rangers to go to the net with a purpose.

Cialis canadian pharmacy When it comes to defending Henrik Lundqvist, cialis canadian pharmacy the first thing the Blueshirts have to do is be smarter with the pucks. Cialis canadian pharmacy Their bad habit of making pass up the middle of the ice reared its ugly one too many times Sunday night. Cialis canadian pharmacy The Rangers need to make the safe play whenever possible.

Cialis canadian pharmacy The Rangers need to win the battle of the blue lines. Cialis canadian pharmacy Any puck that is within five or so feet of their defensive blue line must be cleared and any time they are within five feet of the Penguins blue line the puck must be plated deep. Cialis canadian pharmacy They can’t afford any cheap turnovers and they certainly can’t afford any more breakaways against – especially when they are on the power play.

Cialis canadian pharmacy Sooner or later the Brian Gibbons’ and Marcel Gocs’ of the world are going to slip a puck past Lundqvist on a breakaway. Cialis canadian pharmacy Even worse, cialis canadian pharmacy it could be Crosby and Malkin bearing down on those breakaways.

Cialis canadian pharmacy One other thing the Rangers need to do is be aware of wherever Crosby and Malkin are when they are on the ice. Cialis canadian pharmacy The Rangers need to take then out of the game and let someone else try to step up and beat them. Cialis canadian pharmacy If I were Nash, cialis canadian pharmacy I would follow Malkin from the moment he left the Penguins bench to the moment he returns to it. Cialis canadian pharmacy Nash is the only player who has the size, cialis canadian pharmacy strength and skating ability to keep up with Geno. Cialis canadian pharmacy If he isn’t going to score then he can help the Rangers advance to the Eastern Conference Finals by being a shutdown forward.

Cialis canadian pharmacy If Lundqvist continues his King-like play in recent Game 7s (4-0, cialis canadian pharmacy 1 shutout, cialis canadian pharmacy 0.75 GAA, cialis canadian pharmacy .973 SV%), cialis canadian pharmacy then the Rangers are destined for an Original Six matchup against either the Boston Bruins or the Montreal Canadiens.

Cialis canadian pharmacy Don’t forget that a berth in the Eastern Conference Finals is not the only thing that is on the line tonight. Cialis canadian pharmacy If the Rangers win, cialis canadian pharmacy then the 2014 second round draft pick the Rangers sent to Tampa Bay as part of the St. Cialis canadian pharmacy Louis-Ryan Callahan trade becomes a first round draft pick.

Cialis canadian pharmacy The one thing we know for sure is that the NHL will be safe from those ruffians who practice random water squirtings following the NHL’s $5, cialis canadian pharmacy000 fine levied against Lundqvist. Cialis canadian pharmacy Of course, cialis canadian pharmacy that also means slew-footing your opponent or jabbing him in the junk with your stick is legal – as long as the person doing the slewfing and jabbing is named Sidney Crosby.

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Buy href viagra While the Pittsburgh Penguins might not admit it publicly, buy href viagra you have to believe secretly they are happy to be facing the New York Rangers as opposed to the Philadelphia Flyers. Buy href viagra Let’s face it; the Rangers have the tendency to turn mere rookie goaltenders into Georges Vezina – just the cure the Penguins would seek in returning Marc-Andre Fleury to his Stanley Cup winning form.

Buy href viagra Seriously, buy href viagra while the Penguins and Rangers were separated by 12 points in the Metropolitan Division standings, buy href viagra the two teams played about as evenly as two teams could play during the regular season. Buy href viagra Both teams scored five goals in home wins and both teams suffered home shootout losses. Buy href viagra The only difference is that the Rangers scored one more goal (13-12).

Buy href viagra The Penguins fan will look to the brief playoff history between the two teams as an omen. Buy href viagra Pittsburgh has won all four series against the Blueshirts – winning an astonishing 16 of 20 games.

Buy href viagra Of course, buy href viagra an optimistic Rangers fan looks at the playoff history as just one more hill to climb. Buy href viagra After all, buy href viagra there was a time when the Rangers never won Game 7s.

Buy href viagra The 1989 series was a total no-contest that saw the Rangers limp into the playoffs after GM Phil Esposito fired Coach Michel Bergeron with two games left in the regular season and went behind the bench himself. Buy href viagra With Bob Froese and John Vanbiesbrouck unable to stop the young Pens, buy href viagra Esposito turned to a minor league goaltender in Game 4. Buy href viagra That is how the Mike Richter Era began as Pittsburgh swept the Rangers out of the playoffs.

Buy href viagra The most heartbreaking of those losses came in 1992 when the Rangers entered the series with the best record in the NHL and bowed out in six games under wild circumstances that saw an injured Mark Messier miss Games 2 and 3, buy href viagra and Adam Graves suspended for four games after slashing Mario Lemieux in Game 3and breaking a bone in his wrist.

Buy href viagra Despite missing Messier and Graves, buy href viagra the Rangers found themselves up two games to one and ahead 4-2 in Game 4. Buy href viagra A few seconds after squandering a five-minute power play, buy href viagra and a chance to put the game away, buy href viagra Ron Francis beat Richter with a long-range shot to cut the lead in half. Buy href viagra Jaromir Jagr knotted the game about 90 seconds later. Buy href viagra Francis completed his hat trick in overtime as the Penguins would win the rest of their games on their way to winning their second Stanley Cup.

Buy href viagra In 1996, buy href viagra the Rangers shook off losing their first two playoff games at home against Montreal to beat the Canadiens in six games – which was no small feat given the Blueshirts won all three games in Montreal after posting a 1-20-3 record previously.

Buy href viagra If you thought Sidney Crosby was a master at diving then you missed some solid performances during the 1996 series. Buy href viagra Kevin Lowe described the splish-splashing this way.

Buy href viagra “It looked like a bowling alley out there, buy href viagra” Lowe explained to Rick Carpiniello of the Journal News.

Buy href viagra “My old man used to tell me, buy href viagra if you ain’t dead, buy href viagra don’t lay there.”

Buy href viagra In 2008 the Rangers hoped that Jagr’s switching of allegiances would end the losing to Pittsburgh.

Buy href viagra Optimism was running high as the Blueshirts built up a three-goal lead in Game 1. Buy href viagra However, buy href viagra Pittsburgh would twice score two goals in 20 seconds before Evgeni Malkin’s power play goal at 18:19 of the third period proved to be the game winner.

Buy href viagra The Rangers prevented the sweep behind two Jagr goals and a 29-save shutout from Henrik Lundqvist. Buy href viagra

Buy href viagra Trailing 2-0 heading into the third period of Game 5, buy href viagra Lauri Korpikoski (in his NHL debut) and Nigel Dawes scored 82 seconds apart to tie the game early in the third period. Buy href viagra Marian Hossa ended the Rangers season 7:10 into overtime.

Buy href viagra The Rangers roster has undergone a significant transformation since that 2008 playoff loss. Buy href viagra Only Lundqvist, buy href viagra Dan Girardi and Marc Staal remain on the team, buy href viagra while seven Penguins return.

Buy href viagra As we enter this series, buy href viagra both teams will make a concerted effort to stay out of the penalty box. Buy href viagra Neither team was particularly effective killing penalties (Pittsburgh: 74.1% – Rangers: 71.4%). Buy href viagra The big difference is in the teams power play units (Pittsburgh: 20.7% – Rangers: 10.3%). Buy href viagra

Buy href viagra If (and it is a huge if) this series is determined by five-on-five play, buy href viagra then the Rangers have a slight edge (1.88 goals to 1.50 goals).

Buy href viagra Therein lies the question, buy href viagra how will the series be called. Buy href viagra Will the series be called straight down the line or will the “Screw-The-Rangers” rulebook be applied where Rangers players are knocked into opposing goaltenders and it is the Blueshirts who end up shorthanded.

Buy href viagra The Penguins needed the extra time off to help heal injuries to some of their key support players. Buy href viagra Brandon Sutter and Joe Vitale suffered injuries in the Game 6 win against the Blue Jackets, buy href viagra but they did practice on Wednesday. Buy href viagra Brian Gibbons has been out since Game 2.

Buy href viagra On defense, buy href viagra Brooks Orpik missed the last two games of the Columbus series and Kris Letang is still trying to get his game back after missing time following his stroke in January.

Buy href viagra Of course, buy href viagra NBC and the NHL did the Rangers no favors scheduling back-to-back games on Sunday night and Monday night. Buy href viagra However, buy href viagra Gary Bettman does not deserve to take the hit all by himself. Buy href viagra Cablevision has to share the blame as they have two New York Liberty WNBA games booked as well as Billy Joel’s monthly appearance at the Garden.

Buy href viagra With all that said, buy href viagra you think clearer heads would have prevailed so that the Rangers would not have to face the prospect of six games in nine days and seven games in 11 days. Buy href viagra I am sure something could have been done with the scheduling if NBS wasn’t so insistent on having the Rangers-Penguins available for two Sunday games.

Buy href viagra Of course, buy href viagra the Rangers could have avoided the problem if they had been expeditious rather than taking seven games to dispose of the Flyers.

Buy href viagra The biggest question for the black-and-gold comes not from the injury report but from between the pipes. Buy href viagra Unlike the last two season when Fleury’s GAA (3.52 and 4.63) and SV% (.883 and .834) were more AHL journeyman like than they were of a Stanley Cup contender, buy href viagra his numbers this year (2.81 and .908) are acceptable.

Buy href viagra With that said, buy href viagra Fleury still had a meltdown in the closing second of Game 4 when he FUBARed a puck behind the net that practically turned into an empty net goal for Brandon Dubinsky. Buy href viagra Fleury then allowed a soft goal to Nick Foligno for the winner in overtime.

Buy href viagra The Columbus-Pittsburgh series was unique in that winning team overcame a two-goal deficit in each of the first three games with the Blue Jackets erasing a three-goal deficit in Game 4 and nearly doing so again in Game 6.

Buy href viagra You get the feeling that if the Rangers are to win this series it is going to mirror another New York-Pittsburgh playoff battle – the 1960 World Series. Buy href viagra The Pirates won the Series in seven games as they outscored the Yankees by a combined 24-17 in their four wins. Buy href viagra Conversely, buy href viagra the Yankees beat down the Pirates in their three wins – outscoring the Bucs 38-3. Buy href viagra Let me do the math for you, buy href viagra the Yankees lost the World Series despite doubling the Pirates in runs (55-27).

Buy href viagra In putting together the Keys to winning the Battle of the Keystone State Part Deux, buy href viagra we begin with two keys that are going to remain valid for as long as the Rangers stay alive in the playoffs.

Buy href viagra The Rangers special teams have to be something special. Buy href viagra It is one thing for the Blueshirts to win with a lackluster power play, buy href viagra but there is no way they can continue to win if they are going to continue struggling to kill penalties.

Buy href viagra The second thing is that the Rangers best players have to continue to be their best players. Buy href viagra They need more Game 7-like efforts out of Rick Nash the deeper the Rangers go in the playoffs and the top four defensemen are going to be tested every shift they match up against Crosby and Malkin. Buy href viagra It is too much to ask for the Rangers to keep Crosby and Malkin under wraps like Columbus did for the first five games before Geno broke loose for three goals.

Buy href viagra One interesting wrinkle is that Martin St. Buy href viagra Louis is making his Rangers debut against the Penguins. Buy href viagra MSL has averaged nearly a point a game in his career against Pittsburgh (47 points in 50 games).

Buy href viagra Looking ahead to this series, buy href viagra I see the Rangers possible path to victory coming down to these keys.

Buy href viagra 1. Discipline – Against the Penguins the idea of discipline is really a three step process. Buy href viagra It is obvious that the Rangers must stay out of the penalty box – especially with the officials always keeping a caring eye on Crosby.

Buy href viagra The Rangers also have to be disciplined enough not to turn this game into a track meet. Buy href viagra Unless Fleury is playing like a sieve, buy href viagra the Blueshirts do not have the offensive firepower to match the Penguins goal-for-goal in a high scoring series.

Buy href viagra That leads me to my third point of discipline. Buy href viagra The Rangers need to focus on their play in the second period of Game 7. Buy href viagra That is the blueprint for beating the Penguins. Buy href viagra The Rangers pressured the Flyers for the entire period with a relentless forecheck that keyed the Blueshirts offensive pressure.

Buy href viagra 2. Wilting the Flower – If the Rangers can maintain that focused forecheck, buy href viagra they are going to cause the Penguins to turn the puck over like the Flyers did. Buy href viagra The pressure then falls squarely on the shoulders of Fleury. Buy href viagra If the Penguins goaltender is unable to duplicate Steve Mason’s heroics, buy href viagra then the Rangers path to the Eastern Conference Finals gets much easier.

Buy href viagra Odds are the Penguins will not use Tomas Vokoun as a fallback should Fleury implode. Buy href viagra The Czech netminder was limited to just two AHL games as he battled back from blood clotting issues. Buy href viagra While they might turn to him, buy href viagra it would be a lot to ask of him to save Pittsburgh’s season.

Buy href viagra That leaves rookie goaltender Jeff Zatkoff as the only other alternative. Buy href viagra The former Los Angeles Kings draft pick has just 20 NHL games under his belt.

Buy href viagra The Rangers are going to have to create a lot traffic and havoc in front of Fleury so that he does not get comfortable in his crease. Buy href viagra No, buy href viagra I am not saying they have to be physical with him just get him to the point where he constantly has to be in motion to the see puck and make saves.

Buy href viagra They also need to get a lot of vulcanized rubber on net – and it has to be more than the Rangers usual variety of “casual shots from the perimeter that hit the goalie center mass”. Buy href viagra In other words, buy href viagra they have to shoot the puck like they mean it and don’t look to over-pass the puck. Buy href viagra Sometimes the best pass is a rebound off a shot on goal.

Buy href viagra 3. Breaking the Streak – In order for the Rangers to break their playoff losing streak to Pittsburgh (all four series) they must break their other playoff losing streak – 12 losses in a row when they have had a lead in a series. Buy href viagra Teams that make deep runs in the playoffs do it by stringing together wins, buy href viagra not by alternating wins and losses. Buy href viagra The streaks have to end sometime and in the Rangers case it might as well be sooner rather than later.

Buy href viagra 4. The Matchups – You can expect there to be a lot of cat-and-mouse strategy flying between the two coaches. Buy href viagra Will Dan Bylsma try to get Crosby going by teaming him with Malkin? Which defensive pairing does Alain Vigneault use against the Crosby and Malkin lines (assuming they are kept apart)?

Buy href viagra You can expect Bylsma to use the last change option at the CONSOL Energy Center in order to get one (if not both) of his star canters matched up against the John Moore-Kevin Klein pairing. Buy href viagra Look for major ice time to be shared by Ryan McDonagh, buy href viagra Dan Girardi, buy href viagra Marc Staal and Anton Stralman.

Buy href viagra While not a matchup per se, buy href viagra you have to like the Rangers’ advantage in terms of the third and fourth line matchups – especially if Bylsma has to move Brandon Sutter up when he teams Crosby and Malkin together.

Buy href viagra 5. Best of Both Worlds – In an interesting twist given John Tortorella’s firing in Vancouver, buy href viagra the Rangers are going to need to meld the styles of play espoused by the last two coaches. Buy href viagra They have to channel their inner Torts in terms of play in the defensive end and return to the shot-blocking monsters they were a couple of years ago. Buy href viagra At the same time, buy href viagra they have to remember to embrace the offensive freedom that AV has installed.
As for my prediction, buy href viagra well, buy href viagra that is where I have a problem. Buy href viagra My mind is saying that the Penguins will win the series, buy href viagra but my heart is saying the Rangers can find a win to prevail.

Buy href viagra In the end the prediction is Penguins in seven as Crosby, buy href viagra Malkin and the guys in the striped shirts prove to be too much for the Rangers.

Buy href viagra However, buy href viagra I do see a way for the Rangers to find a way to win. Buy href viagra It involves the Blueshirts finding a way to end up ahead in the series following Sunday night. Buy href viagra Being up three games to none would be golden, buy href viagra but a 2-1 lead will suffice. Buy href viagra It sets the Rangers up with a chance to return to Pittsburgh with a 3-1 lead with the opportunity to end the series in five or six games. Buy href viagra The longer the series goes, buy href viagra the more the odds shift to the Penguins.

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