Viagra wholesale The 2014 Eastern Conference Finals is what hockey is all about – an Original Six matchup between the New York Rangers and Montreal Canadiens. Viagra wholesale It is also a rematch of the 1986 Eastern Conference Finals won by the Canadiens in five games behind rookie goaltender Patrick Roy who turned a so-so regular season into a Conn Smythe Trophy for his playoff heroics.

Viagra wholesale This series also features two teams who are looking to return to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in over 20 years. Viagra wholesale Montreal also carries the mantle (and burden) of being the last Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup (1993).

Viagra wholesale The Blueshirts/Habs playoff meeting is the 15th between the two teams, viagra wholesale with each team winning seven. Viagra wholesale Those 15 matchups push the teams past Toronto and Boston for the fifth most frequent playoff matchup.

Viagra wholesale The last time the two clubs met in the playoffs was 1996 and the Rangers prevailed in a weird six game series. Viagra wholesale The Blueshirts dropped the first two games of the series at MSG before roaring back to win the next four – including the first ever playoff game in the Molson Centre (now the Bell Centre).

Viagra wholesale It is kind of funny how times have changed for the Rangers in terms of their ability to play on the road at Montreal. Viagra wholesale

Viagra wholesale During the last few years, viagra wholesale it has been the Rangers who have been getting their bell rung at the Bell Centre.

Viagra wholesale Pat Leonard of the Daily News detailed just how much the Bell Centre has become a house of horrors to the Rangers:

• The Rangers have only two wins in their last 12 games in Montreal dating back to February 2008.
• In their last four games in Montreal, viagra wholesale the team has only one goal (Ryan Callahan – 11/16/13) and just two goals (John Mitchell – 1/15/12). Viagra wholesale The last time a current Ranger scored in Montreal was one exactly one year prior to Mitchell’s goal (Mats Zuccarello provided the honors).
• Things have not been much better for Henrik Lundqvist in Montreal. Viagra wholesale Rookie netminder Cam Talbot made both starts in Montreal this year because of The King’s less-than-regal 4-5-2 record. Viagra wholesale Talbot’s 1-0 win on November 16, viagra wholesale 2013 marked the team’s first win at the Bell Centre since March 17, viagra wholesale 2009 – which was also Lundqvist’s last win in Montreal.

As you might expect, viagra wholesale the series will be an emotional one for Martin St. Viagra wholesale Louis as he returns home to play for the first time since losing his mother. Viagra wholesale The team pulled together when the tragedy first hit and you can expect them to support their teammate even more now.

Viagra wholesale On May 12, viagra wholesale Pierre McGuire spoke with WFAN’s Mike Francesa about how the team has rallied around St. Viagra wholesale Louis.

Viagra wholesale “They have become a family, viagra wholesale right before our very eyes, viagra wholesale if there were any guys who were maybe not on board or not prepared to do the heavy lifting to get back in the series, viagra wholesale they have all bought in now, viagra wholesale” McGuire said. Viagra wholesale “I really think that the galvanizing moment is how the Rangers have handled the passing of Marty St. Viagra wholesale Louis’ mother and it has brought them together as a group.”

Viagra wholesale St. Viagra wholesale Louis might be able to help his teammates through their rough time in Montreal. Viagra wholesale While he did not score in Montreal, viagra wholesale he did help Tampa Bay to Shootout and Overtime wins in the Bell Centre. Viagra wholesale St. Viagra wholesale Louis did score in the Lightning’s one home game against the Habs – a 2-1 Shootout loss.

Viagra wholesale It is also a return for Coach Alain Vigneault as he started his NHL coaching career with Montreal. Viagra wholesale In 266 games with the Habs (1997/98-2000/01), viagra wholesale AV compiled a 109-118-35-4 record. Viagra wholesale His replacement in Montreal was current coach Michel Therrien (in his first stint as the Canadiens coach).

Viagra wholesale While you can bet Brandon Prust and Dale Weise will be amped to play against their former teammates, viagra wholesale the Rangers win that battle as former Habs’ first round draft pick Ryan McDonagh squares off against the team that drafted him. Viagra wholesale If the Rangers manage to win the Stanley Cup they really do owe former Montreal GM Bob Gainey a ring for not only taking Scott Gomez but for giving McDonagh to the Blueshirts.

Viagra wholesale Whether the Rangers faced the Montreal Canadiens or the Boston Bruins, viagra wholesale the road to the Stanley Cup Finals was not going to be a cakewalk. Viagra wholesale It was just going to be a matter of picking your poison. Viagra wholesale

Viagra wholesale The Bruins represented a battle-tested playoff team that has experienced what it takes to win a Stanley Cup. Viagra wholesale Led by the likes of Zdeno Chara and Milan Lucic, viagra wholesale the Rangers would have been facing an intense physical battle – kind of like what they expected from the Philadelphia Flyers.

Viagra wholesale While the Canadiens will never be mistaken for Herb Brooks’ smurfs of the 1980s, viagra wholesale the Habs rely on their skating and finesse to win games. Viagra wholesale Montreal is a team that has been able to score goals at even strength (2nd only to the Rangers) and on the power play (4th best) in the playoffs – kind of like what they expected from the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Viagra wholesale The one thing the Rangers had going for them in the first two rounds might not be such a big advantage for them in this series. Viagra wholesale For the first time in the playoffs, viagra wholesale Lundqvist is not head-and-shoulders the better goaltender. Viagra wholesale Some might say that Montreal’s Carey Price has that advantage – and based on his play against the Blueshirts – they might be right.

Viagra wholesale In his last five games against the Rangers, viagra wholesale Price has posted a 4-1 record and has allowed only two goals in those five games.

Viagra wholesale As we look ahead to the keys to this series, viagra wholesale we need to remember that there are two building blocks that are essential to the Rangers foundation to building a winning playoff strategy. Viagra wholesale The fact that they are also the two most inconsistent parts of their game goes to show how reliant the Blueshirts have been on Lundqvist being the best goalie in the series – something that is not written in stone against the Habs.

Viagra wholesale The Rangers special teams must step up their play from the first two rounds. Viagra wholesale While the power play and penalty kill improved against the Penguins, viagra wholesale the team can’t get by with the ninth best power play and the 13th best penalty kill.

Viagra wholesale Discipline is a big part of the Rangers special team improvement. Viagra wholesale The team’s discipline with the man advantage means taking the good shot and not passing the puck in an attempt for the great shot. Viagra wholesale It means being disciplined enough to remember to get traffic at the front of the net.

Viagra wholesale As far as penalty killing goes, viagra wholesale the best strategy is just to stay out of the penalty box. Viagra wholesale If you thought you saw some strange calls in the previous two series – you ain’t seen anything yet. Viagra wholesale Whether it is fan paranoia, viagra wholesale excuse-making or partial truth, viagra wholesale the perception is that the Canadian teams (especially those in Montreal and Toronto) tend to get the benefit of the doubt in terms of calls. Viagra wholesale Not only should we not expect that perception to change, viagra wholesale we should expect the cynicism to grow as our northern brethren hold their collective breaths in anticipation of Montreal bringing the Stanley Cup back home to Canada.

Viagra wholesale The second recurring key is that the Rangers best players need to be their best players. Viagra wholesale At this point, viagra wholesale the main target of this point is Rick Nash. Viagra wholesale While he is doing all the little things you need him to do, viagra wholesale he is not doing the main thing you need him to – score goals. Viagra wholesale With Montreal being more of a finesse team, viagra wholesale you would expect/hope that Nash can finally break out offensively.

Viagra wholesale Looking ahead to this series, viagra wholesale I see the Rangers possible path to victory coming down to these keys.

Viagra wholesale 1. The Matchups – It will be interesting to see which line Therrien uses his top defense pairing of P.K. Viagra wholesale Subban and Josh Gorges against? If he doesn’t use that pairing against Nash-Derek Stepan-Chris Kreider, viagra wholesale he might use the Andrei Markov and Alexi Emelin pairing. Viagra wholesale I would guess that AV would want to keep Nash’s line away from the top pair – which will be difficult at the Bell Centre when the Habs have the last change.

Viagra wholesale 2. Break The Streaks – There are lots of streaks that the Rangers need to break if they want to get to the Stanley Cup Finals. Viagra wholesale First and foremost, viagra wholesale Lundqvist has to be Le Roi in this series – especially in the Bell Centre. Viagra wholesale In his last four starts in Montreal, viagra wholesale Lundqvist is 0-3-1 with a 6.99 GAA and a .862 SV%.

Viagra wholesale Lundqvist is not the only player who needs to break the Bell Centre jinx. Viagra wholesale Prior to their 1-0 win in November, viagra wholesale the Rangers had lost their last eight games in Montreal by a combined 30-7 score.

Viagra wholesale The time has come for Nash to break out of his playoff scoring slump and show why the Rangers invested so heavily in him. Viagra wholesale The Habs are not that physical a team (as compared to the Flyers or Bruins) so he should be able to be effective driving to the net.

Viagra wholesale The most important streak that needs to come to an end is the 0-13 record when the Rangers have a lead in a playoff series. Viagra wholesale Until the Blueshirts manage to exorcise that stat they are eternally doomed to play seven game series – and no team has ever won the Stanley Cup after playing 28 playoff games.

Viagra wholesale 3. Strike First – This key has a double connotation to it. Viagra wholesale As we saw throughout the Second Round, viagra wholesale the first goal of the game was golden – and it should be no different in this series. Viagra wholesale With the Bell Centre packing in nearly 22, viagra wholesale000 screaming rabid Canadiens fans, viagra wholesale the Rangers would be very wise to score early (and often) and try to keep the crowd out of the game. Viagra wholesale The more the crowd is in the game, viagra wholesale the more the Habs will feed off that, viagra wholesale and the more the officials will feed off that as well. Viagra wholesale If you don’t think that plays a part in a game in Montreal, viagra wholesale well, viagra wholesale then I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

Viagra wholesale The second part of striking first is getting a victory in Game 1, viagra wholesale or at the very least in Game 2. Viagra wholesale The Rangers want to be able to take away home-ice advantage as soon as possible. Viagra wholesale Besides, viagra wholesale if the Rangers can get Game 1 then they are set up to end the 0-13 streak early in the series, viagra wholesale rather than later.

Viagra wholesale 4. Forecheck – With the way Price and the Habs defense has stifled the Rangers offense, viagra wholesale the Blueshirts are going to need to find ways to score. Viagra wholesale Obviously, viagra wholesale a semi-potent power play would work wonders. Viagra wholesale Another way to generate offense is to pin Montreal in their own zone. Viagra wholesale The Rangers showed flashes of brilliant forechecking against Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and they will need to step up the ante in this series.

Viagra wholesale An aggressive and successful forecheck will not only lead to turnovers, viagra wholesale but it will help to neutralize the Canadiens speed by controlling the tempo of the game and forcing Montreal to defend rather than attack.

Viagra wholesale 5. Traffic – This key another one of those two-parters. Viagra wholesale If the Rangers have learned anything from their matchups against the Flyers and Penguins it is that their offense is much better, viagra wholesale and more effective, viagra wholesale when they are driving to the net and screening goaltenders. Viagra wholesale Price is so zoned into his game that his Olympic Gold could be followed up with Lord Stanley’s hardware. Viagra wholesale The Rangers have to be as aggressive getting in Price’s grill as opponents are in getting bodies in front of Lundqvist.

Viagra wholesale The second part of the traffic key is that the Rangers need to be able to clamp down on the neutral zone. Viagra wholesale They can’t afford to let the Canadiens control the neutral zone because the speed they generate there will translate into scoring opportunities. Viagra wholesale When the Rangers were on their game defensively against Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, viagra wholesale neither team had any time or space in the neutral zone.

Viagra wholesale The Canadiens are a team that looks to hit the long breakout passes for breakaways. Viagra wholesale As a result, viagra wholesale the solid forecheck and the ability to choke off the neutral zone are essential.

Viagra wholesale When all is said and done, viagra wholesale there is one thing that I can predict for a fact: the team that wins this series and advances to the Stanley Cup Finals will wear red, viagra wholesale white, viagra wholesale and blue.

Viagra wholesale Okay, viagra wholesale you all probably think I am a wise-ass because both teams wear those colors. Viagra wholesale But if you noticed, viagra wholesale I wrote red, viagra wholesale white and blue, viagra wholesale not rouge, viagra wholesale blanc, viagra wholesale et bleu.

Viagra wholesale In the end, viagra wholesale I see the Rangers doing what they do best – winning a seven-game playoff series. Viagra wholesale I have seen some writers say that such a series will tire out the Rangers who have played 14 games as compared to just 11 for the Canadiens. Viagra wholesale However, viagra wholesale it is Montreal that is coming off a seven-game war against the Bruins.

Viagra wholesale The Rangers are the more battle-tested playoff team and they have actually been able to get some rest. Viagra wholesale While the NHL has not officially released the schedule, viagra wholesale it is nowhere near as hectic as the previous series. Viagra wholesale With Game 2 set for Monday (5/19), viagra wholesale Games 3 and 4 would take place at the Garden on Thursday (5/22) and either Saturday (5/24) or Sunday (5/25). Viagra wholesale The only problem is that you can bet MSG will be overrun with Habs fans who will be able to get tickets on the secondary market. Viagra wholesale I don’t think the Rangers will be able to block Montreal fans the way the Seattle Seahawks blocked San Francisco 49ers fans from getting tickets to the NFC Championships.

Viagra wholesale While the Canadiens did sweep the Tampa Bay Lightning and outlasted the Big Bad Bruins, viagra wholesale Montreal is still a team that Brian Costello of The Hockey News called a “… pint-sized, viagra wholesale icing a roster with a league-high nine forwards and four defensemen who stand 6-foot or smaller. Viagra wholesale The Habs are at the bottom of the NHL weight scale as well with just one regular (Alexei Emelin) weighing 220 pounds or more.”

Viagra wholesale In my opinion, viagra wholesale it will be Montreal that wears down by the end of this series, viagra wholesale not the Rangers.

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