Viagra for woman Given the predictions coming from hockey analysts, viagra for woman the New York Rangers would do the NHL a world of service and just capitulate and concede the Stanley Cup to the Los Angeles Kings – who set an NHL record of winning three consecutive Game 7s in the same playoffs.

Viagra for woman Interestingly enough, viagra for woman many of those same pundits were writing the Rangers off because they won two Game 7s.

Viagra for woman Every time someone has tried to bury the Rangers, viagra for woman they have refused to go gently into that good night. Viagra for woman While the Rangers embrace the underdog role, viagra for woman they are conceding nothing.

Viagra for woman “So throughout these playoffs, viagra for woman and it’s not gonna change now, viagra for woman we’ve been the underdog, viagra for woman” Alain Vigneault told Justin Tasch of the Daily News. Viagra for woman “But what we’ve done is we’ve focused on how we play and what we need to do on the ice, viagra for woman and that’s definitely what we’re gonna do here come Wednesday.”

Viagra for woman Hockey analysts point to the Western Conference’s dominance as a leading factor in their predictions of a Kings Stanley Cup championship. Viagra for woman However, viagra for woman a closer look hardly points to any such dominance.

Viagra for woman Of the last 13 Stanley Cup winners, viagra for woman just seven have come from the Western Conference. Viagra for woman If you go all the back to 1991 (the year that the Oilers/Flames run ended), viagra for woman the numbers are dead even – 11 titles per Conference. Viagra for woman

Viagra for woman Unlike the rich playoff history between the Rangers-Canadiens, viagra for woman the Rangers-Kings playoff history is brief. Viagra for woman The teams have met twice in the playoffs – both times in the NHL’s Preliminary Round. Viagra for woman In 1979, viagra for woman the Rangers began their unexpected run to the Stanley Cup Final with a two-game sweep (in a Best-of-Three showdown).

Viagra for woman Two years later the Rangers took the Best-of-Five series in four games. Viagra for woman That playoff matchup turned ugly following the first period of Game 2 when both benches emptied for an old-fashioned BRAWL that featured six game misconducts (three per team), viagra for woman and a Rangers team record for penalty minutes in one period (125) and a game (145). Viagra for woman Rookie Ed “Boxcar” Hospodar led the way with 39 PIMs.

Viagra for woman Even Nick Fotiu, viagra for woman who was serving an eight-game suspension for going into the stands in Detroit, viagra for woman got involved as he raced down to the glass to pull a Kings fan of one of his teammates. Viagra for woman

Viagra for woman Truly a game that the Hanson Brothers could be proud of.

Viagra for woman The season series offers no insights into the Stanley Cup Final. Viagra for woman The Rangers defeated Los Angeles on October 7 as the Blueshirts registered the first of three road victories (in nine games) to start the season.

Viagra for woman About five weeks later the teams finished their season series as the Kings shut out the Rangers 1-0 with the win going to a goaltender who isn’t even in the organization any more (Ben Scrivens).

Viagra for woman Both teams have evolved and changed since that November 17 tilt. Viagra for woman Each team’s leading playoff goal scorer (Martin St. Viagra for woman Louis and Marian Gaborik) wasn’t even a glimpse in their GM’s eye.

Viagra for woman I see the Rangers road to victory following the path of the following keys:

Viagra for woman In each of my previous playoff previews, viagra for woman two keys that have followed the Rangers are Special Teams/Discipline and having their best players be their best players. Viagra for woman Their checklist for victory begins with these two factors.

Viagra for woman Los Angeles begins the SCF as the highest scoring team in all of the playoffs, viagra for woman averaging 3.48 goals – compared to the eighth rated Rangers (2.70). Viagra for woman The Kings power play is fifth in the playoffs (28.6%) compared to the tenth rated Rangers (13.6%).

Viagra for woman Fortunately for the Rangers, viagra for woman their penalty killers have been the second best in the playoffs (85.9%) and probably would have been the best except the Flyers posted their numbers against the Blueshirts. Viagra for woman The Kings penalty killers were rated ninth (81.2%).

Viagra for woman Obviously, viagra for woman the easiest way to slow down the Kings power play is to play smart hockey and eliminate bad penalties – especially the careless ones in the offensive zone.

Viagra for woman When the Rangers are on the power play they need to be disciplined enough to follow Wayne Gretzky’s advice: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Therefore, viagra for woman the Rangers must stop chasing the elusive “perfect shot for the perfect goal” and look to get more rubber on goal – and more bodies in front of the goaltender.

Viagra for woman The Kings are the second-best team on faceoffs in the playoffs. Viagra for woman The Rangers are going to lose their fair share of draws, viagra for woman but they can help mitigate the problem by staying disciplined and remembering their defensive assignments.

Viagra for woman The deeper you get in the playoffs, viagra for woman the more teams need their stars to lead the way. Viagra for woman The Kings have the overall advantage in terms of SCF experience. Viagra for woman As a result, viagra for woman St. Viagra for woman Louis and Brad Richards have to step up and show their less-experienced teammates the way. Viagra for woman Even SCF rookie Rick Nash can channel his Team Canada experiences to help his teammates brave the big stage.

Viagra for woman It is important that the Rangers big guns fire in this series because you know that the Kings big guns (Gaborik, viagra for woman Jeff Carter, viagra for woman Drew Doughty and Anze Kopitar) will. Viagra for woman If the Rangers do end up losing to the Kings, viagra for woman karma will probably end up biting the Blueshirts in the arse as Gaborik would probably walk away with the Conn Smythe Trophy.

Viagra for woman No Fly-Bys: This key is a two-parter. Viagra for woman The Kings are a very physical team so the Rangers will have to step up their physical play to match the Kings and to slow them down through the neutral zone. Viagra for woman The Rangers must follow their pokechecks with body contact and not get caught off balance and out of position. Viagra for woman On offense, viagra for woman it means Rangers forwards have to stop their habit of flying by the top of the crease and setting up shop at the side of the net. Viagra for woman They would be in much better position to pounce on rebounds if they positioned themselves at the top of the crease as opposed to side of the net. Viagra for woman

Viagra for woman The Rangers also need to do a better job of finishing around the net. Viagra for woman I don’t know if the Rangers inability to score off rebounds is a result of good defensive play or really bad finishing skills. Viagra for woman No wonder the Blueshirts don’t always like to go to the front of the net.

Viagra for woman Third Period: If the Rangers want to know what their best game plan is they just need to watch the tape of the third period of Game 6 against Montreal. Viagra for woman The Blueshirts did not sit on their one goal lead. Viagra for woman Instead, viagra for woman they forechecked the Habs into submission. Viagra for woman The more the puck is in the Kings zone, viagra for woman the more chances the Rangers will have to score – thus limiting the number of scoring chances the Kings will have. Viagra for woman They need to put pressure on the likes of Matt Greene and Willie Mitchell, viagra for woman or even Robyn Regehr if he is healthy enough to get into the lineup.

Viagra for woman Quicken The Pressure: Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick has the ability to win a series on his own. Viagra for woman However, viagra for woman Quick has struggled this year. Viagra for woman The Rangers need to get some traffic in front of Quick and force him to scramble to find the puck. Viagra for woman In such situations, viagra for woman he will have a tendency to drop to the ice early – thus leaving the top of the net uncovered. Viagra for woman When Quick is off his game he will often fight the puck and be overly aggressive. Viagra for woman As a result, viagra for woman the Rangers will want to get Quick moving and let his aggression pull him out of the play. Viagra for woman On other thing to watch is to see if Quick taking a shot off his right collarbone during practice on Tuesday factors into his play during the series.

Viagra for woman Early and Often: I have talked about the idea that momentum does not carry from game-to-game. Viagra for woman If that were the case, viagra for woman we would be watching the San Jose Sharks play the Pittsburgh Penguins. Viagra for woman However, viagra for woman there is fatigue-factor that can carry over from game-to-game – and it isn’t necessarily a physical fatigue.

Viagra for woman Constantly having to rally to just survive and advance can take as much out of a team as playing a lot of games in a short period of time. Viagra for woman The Rangers need to come out extra strong to start the series and fire the opening salvo by winning Game 1. Viagra for woman In addition to coming out strong in Game 1, viagra for woman they need to be strong at the start of each game. Viagra for woman A lot of their success against Montreal was their ability to play with the lead.

Viagra for woman While much has been made about the Kings resiliency and their ability to bounce back, viagra for woman the Blueshirts need to make Los Angeles chase them on the scoreboard. Viagra for woman Even the most flexible rubber band can be overextended and break.

Viagra for woman Torts/AV: While Vigneault has the team buying into his system, viagra for woman some of the Rangers success in the playoffs goes back to the defensive foundation that John Tortorella developed. Viagra for woman Truth be told, viagra for woman the Rangers could have, viagra for woman and probably should have, viagra for woman been playing an AV-like style under Torts, viagra for woman but the former coach just never seemed to have enough confidence in his team.

Viagra for woman The Rangers are going to need to harken back to their Tortorella days when it comes to defending against the Kings. Viagra for woman Los Angeles is a team that far and away led the NHL in hits so the Rangers had better be prepared to return to their “Black-and-Blueshirts” ways. Viagra for woman No one expects the Rangers to play the trap, viagra for woman but they’re going to have to clog the neutral zone.

Viagra for woman Five-Foot Rule: The Rangers have to obey the five foot rule in terms of defensive responsibility and in neutral zone play. Viagra for woman Any time the Rangers have the opportunity to control the puck within five feet of their blue line; they must clear the puck out and resist the urge for a costly turnover.

Viagra for woman Conversely, viagra for woman when the Rangers get within five feet of the Kings blue line they can’t afford to turn the puck over in the neutral zone. Viagra for woman If there is no play to be made, viagra for woman then the puck must be sent in deep to avoid turnovers and potential odd-man rushes. Viagra for woman Playing some “dump-and-chase” hockey will also help them set up their forechecking – provided the Rangers remember the “chase” part.

Viagra for woman Despite those who see the playing of the games as a mere formality, viagra for woman this series is not that easy to figure out. Viagra for woman Yes, viagra for woman it does appear that the Kings are a team of destiny who are enjoying the “magic carpet ride”. Viagra for woman Winning three consecutive Game 7s, viagra for woman all on the road (including being down 3-0 to San Jose) does speak to that Los Angeles mystique.

Viagra for woman However, viagra for woman the Rangers can lay claim to their own mojo working in their direction with a pair of Game 7 victories, viagra for woman including their first ever 3-1 series comeback. Viagra for woman Toss in their ability overcome their Bell Centre of horrors and the Rangers can claim a share of that magic carpet.

Viagra for woman The season series between the two teams really doesn’t play into figuring out the Stanley Cup because the two teams haven’t seen each other in over six months.

Viagra for woman The Rangers have been used to the underdog role since the beginning of the playoffs. Viagra for woman They were too small to beat the Flyers. Viagra for woman They weren’t offensive enough to beat the Penguins. Viagra for woman They weren’t fast enough to beat the Canadiens.

Viagra for woman Guess what?

Viagra for woman The Rangers still managed to find a way to beat all three teams to reach the Stanley Cup Final. Viagra for woman

Viagra for woman Alain Vigneault spent seven years as coach of the Vancouver Canucks so he is familiar with the Los Angeles Kings. Viagra for woman Av’s Canucks beat the Kings in six games in the Western Conference Quarterfinals in 2010. Viagra for woman The Kings got their revenge two years later in a five-game Western Conference Quarterfinals victory as part of the Kings march to the championship.

Viagra for woman In the end, viagra for woman AV’s first-hand experience dealing with the Kings and the Rangers edge in goal and on defense will prove to be the difference with the Rangers Game 7 mojo outlasting the Kings Game 7 mojo as Lord Stanley’s Cup returns to Madison Square Garden for the first time in 20 years after a hard fought seven-game series.

Viagra for woman Hopefully, viagra for woman it won’t be another 20 years between Rangers Stanley Cup championships.

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