Are you a diehard fan of the Washington Caps or perhaps are you more inclined to root for the Oakland Raiders?  Regardless of your current team affiliation, it’s likely you’re more passionate about a particular sport than all the rest, and that often holds true for sports fans across the spectrum.  If you’re looking for gifts for the most loyal sports fan out there, and want to be sure the presents you give are in-line with their favorite sport, consider the different suggestions below for each major sport out there.

Baseball Fans

If you’re shopping for a baseball fan, you can always go the budget route and give the gift of a baseball cap for the person’s favorite team.  Of course, if you really want to impress him, try buying him season tickets to the Yankees, Mets, or other team they’re most passionate about.  After all, there are scores more baseball games than there are games in nearly every other major sport played in the United States, so that’s a lot of free games we’re talking about.

Football Fans

With football fans, you can rarely lose with the gift of a jersey.  A Packers fan would love an Aaron Rodgers jersey, but he probably won’t complain if you give him an old Favre jersey either (just in case you have one laying around in your closet).  Still, tickets to a big game would be a nice treat, especially considering the raised expense of NFL games due to their much shorter seasons (in terms of total games played compared to baseball and many other sports.

Hockey Fans

Don’t assume that all hockey fans will want a new pair of ice skates for Christmas (plenty of hockey fans love the sport but probably couldn’t even stand up straight on a pair of skates).  Instead, a fun hockey-related diversion could be playing with an air hockey table.  An air hockey table is fun to use even when you’re not a hockey fan, so just imagine the possibilities if a true hockey fan is the one whacking that puck around.

Basketball Fans

There’s something particularly magical about receiving an actual basketball, in many cases more so than getting a new baseball or football (or hockey puck).  It can never hurt to give a basketball to a big fan come Christmas morning.  Even better is an actual game-day basketball used by legit players, but don’t stretch your budget too far just to make that fan smile.

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